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Boeing 737-700


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Boeing 737-700

Charter Private Boeing 737-700 – History and Highlights

If you are considering a private charter jet flight on the Boeing 737-700 airliner, Charter Flight Group can provide you with the kind of service you demand. Over 30 years worth of experience is what Charter Flight Group brings to the table so that when you charter your private jet airliner with us, whether for business or personal reasons, you know your group is in good hands. We provide private charter aircraft, such as the Boeing 737-700 to clients around the globe so that no matter where you are located, we can give you the same service we give to all.

The Boeing 737-700 came to life from a project by Boeing to develop a jet airliner that could compete with the Airbus 320 and 318. By incorporating fly-by-wire technology and side stick controls, Boeing recognized that these were superior pilot controls and began to redevelop their most popular line, the 737 to suit.

Indeed, the Boeing 737 is the worlds most popular jet airliner in history and continues as such with the 737-700.

The Boeing 737-700 was built as part of a special series of jet airliner built for mid-range flights and utilizing the new pilot controls. As such, the series has acquired the name, 737 Next Gen, which is short for Next Generation. Indeed, these kinds of pilot controls allow pilots the ability to maneuver the jet airliner better and with more precision, making this a far safer aircraft than before.