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Airbus A300-600R


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Airbus A300-600R

Charter Air Service on the Airbus A300-600R – History and Highlights

Contact Charter Flight Group to arrange your charter air transport to and from domestic and global destination on the Airbus A300-600R This twin-engined wide body airliner is capable of carrying your large group of up to 266 passengers in comfort. Introduced in 1972 with Air France, the Airbus A300 was produced by Airbus Industrie, a European consortium, with complete sections manufactured by the consortium partners and then airlifted to France. As the first aircraft to be produced in this manner, the Airbus A300 demonstrated that this was a more efficient and cost-effective way of constructing aircraft than building them in one place. The aircraft was intended to replace the Boeing 727 on short- to medium-range routes such as transcontinental flights in the U.S. Its success resulted in Boeing’s introduction of the Boeing 767. The A300 incorporated advanced technology and features, and was the first airliner to feature wind shear protection. The A300-600R featured carbon brakes and additional fuel tanks in the tail.

The private aircraft charters that Charter Flight Group can arrange for you on the Airbus A300-600R, which entered service in 1984, give you a longer range for travel to a wide variety of worldwide executive airports. We make it easy for you to depart on your own schedule and arrive at your destination in comfort and safety. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW4000 turbofan engines, Airbus achieved an airliner industry first by automating the functions of the flight engineer, reducing the crew to two. With a range of 4,050 nautical miles, the Airbus A300-600R can tackle many long-distance intercontinental flights without stopping for fuel. It is the perfect aircraft for large group charter air transport. Another variant, the A300-600F, is popular for use as a regional cargo freighter, with large fleets operated by FedEx Express and UPS.