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Airbus A319


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Airbus A319

Airbus A319 Corporate Jet – History and Highlights

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort for your private aircraft charters, contact Charter Flight Group to arrange charter air transport to and from domestic and international destinations on the Airbus A319 Corporate Jet. Shortened slightly and minimally modified from the hugely popular Airbus A320, the A319 commercial jet was first produced in the mid-1990s. The A319CJ is a corporate conversion that was designed to provide smaller groups with the finest VIP executive accommodations for charter air service. This twin-engine corporate jet is capable of carrying your group of 16 to 46 with all of the amenities you could hope for in charter air transports. The Airbus A319 corporate jet can serve as your home in the sky on ultra-long-range transcontinental routes that cannot be covered by private aircraft charters on smaller jets.

The Airbus A319 corporate jet is very popular today for both private aircraft charters and for use by corporate bigwigs as well as the presidents and heads of state of Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Turkey, Venezuela, among others. Charter Flight Group can arrange your ultimate luxury flight aboard the Airbus A319 Corporate Jet based on your own unique travel schedule. The aircraft’s range can be extended from 4,971 miles to as much as 6,900 miles with the addition of up to four extra removable fuel tanks, giving this charter air transport an ultra-long range. The A319CJ allows you to fly with comfort to a wide variety of worldwide executive airports without stopping for fuel, such as from New York to Athens, Montreal to Honolulu, and London to Tokyo.