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Private Jet Charter for Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas

Private Jet Charter for Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas


October 10, 2022

Jordan Brown

The iconic Formula 1 2022 Grand Prix is being held in Austin, Texas. If you are interested in this event read below and we will give you information about travel to Formula 1, nearby private jet airports, and all about Austin, Texas. 

How to get to Austin for Formula 1 2022 Austin Grand Prix

Tickets to Formula 1 Grand Prix can get pretty pricey and are often hard to get, so deciding to go to the race often requires extensive planning and saving. There are different tiers for tickets starting at general admission and one-day tickets or tickets for the whole weekend. 

Taking a private flight to travel to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. Not only can you travel in luxury, but you also get to attend one of the most popular racing events in the world. Austin, Texas also has so much more to offer on top of the race such as its electric nightlife, amazing food, and great music. If you would like to take a flight to the Grand Prix, you can fly into one of these nearby Austin, Texas Airports by private jet

  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, KAUS, AUS, Austin, United States (5 miles)
  • Bud Dryden, TX05, TX05, Austin, United States (9 miles)
  • Austin Executive Airport, KEDC, EDC, Austin, United States (19 miles)
  • Lockhart Municipal Airport, K50R, 50R, Lockhart, United States (19 miles)
  • Rutherford Ranch Airport, 85TX, 85TX, Buda, United States (20 miles)
  • San Marcos Municipal Airport, KHYI, HYI, San Marcos, United States (21 miles)
  • Lakeway Airpark Airport, K3R9, 3R9, Austin, United States (26 miles)
  • Double D Ranch Airport, XS73, XS73, Rosanky, United States (28 miles)
  • Smithville Crawford Municipal Airport, K84R, 84R, Smithville, United States (29 miles)
  • Tri-Modal Air Park Airport, 30TA, 30TA, Georgetown, United States (32 miles)

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About the Race

If this is your first time hearing about the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix,  or you just don’t know much about it, it is a big race that takes place every year. The race itself has been held at ten different locations since it began in 1959. It has been held in Elroy, Texas a county just outside of Austin since 2012. 

The race takes place on the Circuit of the Americas track which was built specifically for the Grand Prix. It is situated on over 1,000 acres and its 20-turn circuit was designed to implement the natural hills and valleys of the surroundings. One of the signature corners in the first turn is when the drivers have to go steeply uphill into a blind left turn. 

The stadium seats up to 120,000 people and has many amenities that drivers and fans alike love. When the race is not occurring, the venue is used for ESPN’s X Games, outdoor concerts, etc. At the center of the track is a 251-foot observation tower.

About Austin

Austin, Texas is an exciting city that drives in a lot of tourism every year because of the amazing things it offers. Austin is often described as “funky” because of its blend of eclectic cultures, hipsters, hippies, filmmakers, etc. Despite the diversity of cultures, personalities, and lifestyles, people who live in Austin are described as friendly and welcoming.  Austin feels like a small town despite being the capital of the Lone Star State and being one of the fastest-growing U.S. cities. 

One of Austin’s biggest pulls is its great food. The city inhabits world-renowned chefs, but also amazing taco shops and food trucks. Foodies love to travel here to have amazing eats. People are drawn to the creative culinary innovation that the city offers, and people are not let down by the food. 

Another critical aspect of Austin is the music, as it is the Live Musical Capital of the world. It has more live music performances per capita than anywhere else in the United States. If you enjoy live music, Austin is a must-see place to visit. 

Not only is the food and music great, but Austin is a beautiful place to look at. The city has around 205 parks, 14 nature preserves, and over 50 miles of trails to hike. It also has rivers, swimming holes, and waterfalls. For those who love the outdoors, there are great experiences and excursions for you to partake in!

Lastly, Austin is known for its great nightlife. The famous boulevard called Sixth Street is home to a great nightlife scene, fun bars, and great restaurants. It is one of Austin’s most historic districts. 

Book Your Private Jet to the F1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas

Now you know all about the Formula 1 race, Austin in general, and how to take a private flight to an airport nearby the big race. You simply cannot miss the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix! Call Charter Flight Group today, and we will organize a private flight to Austin, Texas to ensure you have the weekend of a lifetime. Race your way to Formula 1 this October! 

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