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Pilatus PC-12

Private flights are meant to push the limits of comfort and exclusivity. When you fly on an aircraft like the Pilatus PC-12, you can enjoy premium comfort mixed with quality craftsmanship and modern technology. Discover what the Pilatus PC-12 has to offer and plan your next flight on this unique aircraft.


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The Pilatus PC-12 is a unique turboprop used for everything from surveillance missions to search and rescue. Of course, its design and performance also make it an excellent choice for your next private jet charter flight. This Swiss aircraft has a strong reputation for its intelligent, quality construction that offers comfort and capability.

What To Expect from the Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is proof that great things can come in small packages. The first thing you notice when you step onboard the Pilatus PC-12 is the sleek, modern interior with European leather seats, custom hand-stitching and hardwood furnishings. Featuring 330 cubic feet of space, the sophisticated cabin seats up to six passengers while offering plenty of headroom and cargo storage. The PC-12 can also be outfitted with Wi-Fi, entertainment technology, and device connectivity for a complete flight experience.

Meanwhile, the technology in the cockpit is enough to provide any passenger with peace of mind. Pilots have access to an intelligent autopilot system, navigation tools, emergency assistive technologies like a Crew Alerting System and multiple displays that provide remarkable situational awareness from takeoff to landing.

To buy, the Pilatus PC-12 price can be anywhere from $2.5 to $7 million, depending on the year and model you choose. However, when you fly private jet charter, you can enjoy an affordable hourly rate.

Pilatus PC-12 Specifications

With a wingspan of 53 feet 4 inches and a length of 47 feet 3 inches, the PC-12 is one of the smaller private jets you can choose from. This turboprop’s size makes it an excellent option for traveling into airports with smaller runways.

However, the careful construction and thoughtful design of the PC-12 still lend to admirable performance. The Pilatus PC-12 performance is highlighted by a max cruise speed of about 333 miles per hour and a maximum range of 1,803 nautical miles when seating four passengers. The PC-12’s impressive range makes it an excellent choice for interstate travel.

The PC-12 also blends performance with efficiency and sustainability, featuring up to 74 percent fewer emissions than other private aircraft. Plus, Pilatus manufactures this unique aircraft through a climate-neutral production process.

Book a Pilatus PC-12 Private Jet Charter Today

All in all, the Pilatus PC-12 is perfect for weekend getaways or frequent travel between office locations with your business partners. At Charter Flight Group, we offer exclusive access to over 6,000 different types of aircraft, allowing you to book a private plane that best fits your travel needs. To learn more about the Pilatus PC-12 and the rest of your excellent options, contact Charter Flight Group. Our 24/7 concierge service is here to help you meet all your travel needs.

Whether you are traveling for a short personal trip or a large group vacation, we have you covered with excellent amenities and exceptional safety standards. Book your Pilatus PC-12 private jet charter with Charter Flight Group today.