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Monday Night Charter Flight: Broncos v Raiders


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Monday Night Charter Flight: Broncos v Raiders


Once again it is time for the Monday Night Charter Flight. This past week the Mile High club met the Mile High stadium with the Denver Broncos stampeding over the Oakland Raiders.

English: Erica Arana at Oakland Raiders home g...
English: Erica Arana at Oakland Raiders home game against Denver Broncos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday night’s game pitted the Oakland Raiders against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. Denver outshone Oakland throughout the entire game, with the top performers P. Manning having 374 yards and three touchdowns; R. Hillman had nine carries for sixty-six yards and one touchdown, and finally E. Decker having eight receptions for 133 yards and one touchdown. The final score for the evening was Broncos 37, Oakland 21. Is it too soon to say playoffs for the Broncos, with them being at the top of the AFC North? Only time will tell.

One thing is certain however, those who booked their Monday Night Charter Flight not only took in the game, but were back well before the wife found out they had even left.

Next Monday night’s game will feature the Miami Dolphins, who currently ranks number 2 in the AFC East, against the New Orleans Saints, who are at the top of the NFC South at the New Orleans Mercedes-Benz Superdome at 8:30pm. There are roughly 2500 tickets available for purchase. While the game is inside, the weather forecast for Monday night’s game is around 70 degrees with a forty percent chance of scattered t-storms.

Now is the time to arrange your Monday Night charter flight to New Orleans, for either yourself, or your party. Charter Flight Group has several styles of jets for what you need, and several points where you can fly from to arrive in New Orleans in time for Monday night’s game. Call Chartered Flight Group at 1-888-634-7449, and allow us to make arrangements for your jet chartered flight to make your football party in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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