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MMU – Morristown Municipal Airport

Jet Charters via Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU)

For jet charters to Morristown, NJ via Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU), be sure to give CFG a call and experience the CFG Difference. The CFG Difference began more than three decades ago when the partners of Charter Flight Group understood that in order to provide world class service, supreme safety policies would be necessary.

So at CFG, we require all 6000 jet charter aircraft to be maintained in strict accordance with all FAR Part 135 requirements. We further require that each member of our program submit regularly to audits by Wyvern and even ARGUS. By so doing, we know that every jet charter aircraft will be in pristine conditions and ready for flight when our clients are. This is a must considering that we provide the best on demand jet charter service and can usually have your aircraft ready in under four hours via Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU).

In addition, each pilot and all flight crews must have sterling records, years of experience, and maintain their professionalism at all times for inclusion in our program. This guarantees our clients with the smoothest jet charter flights via Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU), complete discretion and security, and the best experience. This best experience is what we consider the CFG Difference.

Another element of this program is that we are able to provide the greatest flexibility in jet charter service to/from Morristown Municipal. With thousands of jets as well as turboprops available for service via Morristown Muncipal Airport (MMU), you can literally take your pick.

If you need a light Cessna or Lear jet charter, we’ve got it. If you prefer something larger for cargo or a group jet charter flight via Morristown Municipal, no problem. About the only jet charter we cannot manage to arrange is Air Force One.

Every jet charter with CFG via Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) provides…

  • No airport traffic
  • No schedule restrictions
  • No crowds
  • Privacy
  • Discretion
  • No worries.hassles
  • Jet of your choice
  • Trip customized
  • VIP Baggage handling
  • Jet concierge service
  • Smooth, relaxing flights
  • Ground Transport arrangements

Gear up for the CFG Difference in Jet Charters via MMU

The CFG Difference will be seen clearly when you first phone us. Each jet charter consultant has years of experience and will be able to manage all your arrangements. If you want a one way jet charter via Morristown Municipal Airport or are seeking to fill an empty leg, each will be happy to find what you seek.

When you phone 1-888-634-7449, any time 24/7, you will discover that you are our priority. We all understand here at CFG that we exist to serve you and not the other way around.

Our goal is to treat you like you should be treated and provide you with the best value in jet charter travel in the world. Our goal is to see to it that you need only call and everything else is handled. We do this because we understand that you are busy and would prefer to let someone else handle the details. We are happy to do so for that is the CFG Difference.

Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) Info

  • FAA ID:


  • City:


  • State:

    New Jersey

  • Airport Use:


  • Control Tower:


  • Number of Runways:


  • Max runways:


  • Attendance:


  • Fuel Available:

    100LL JET-A+

  • Parking:

    Hangars and Tiedowns

Airports Near Morristown Municipal (MMU) Airport

When you are ready to book you jet charter flight via Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU), give us a ring at 1-888-634-7449.

You are not limited to Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) for your jet charter flight. To help you with options, here is a small listing of additional airports in the region.

  • ACY –Atlantic City International Airport
  • BLM – Monmouth Executive Airport
  • CDW – Essex County Airport
  • TEB – Teterboro Airport
  • FRG – Republic Airport
  • SWF – Stewart International Airport
  • HPN – Westchester County Airport

The CFG Difference

CFG marries technology with the human touch. Our proprietary software allows us to pinpoint the absolute best options for every trip. Combine that with our experienced, service-oriented team and you have found a dedicated charter partner you can trust.

Wyvern Recommended Aircraft Backed by Charter Vault Escrow

Dedicated 24/7 VIP Customer Service

Integrated Trip Planning

ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Aircraft

Superior End-to-End Experience

Point-to-Point Pricing

We utilize one of the world’s largest and newest fleet of Jets and Turboprops, and operate with the highest standards of safety and service in private aviation.