Extended Trip Insurance FAQs


What is Extended Trip Insurance with CFG?

CFG offers extended trip insurance to ease the stress during mechanical issues on your charter trips. We partner with the insurance provider and operator to ensure comprehensive support and financial security for our clients during recovery. CFG must work with Operator and Maintenance teams to provide technician logs as proof of the aircraft maintenance issue.


How does Extended Trip Insurance work for CFG clients?

You have the option to purchase Aircraft Recovery Support before your charter mission’s departure. Pricing varies based on the original aircraft type and overall charter cost. Your dedicated CFG Advisor will provide the exact Extended Trip Insurance cost per mission.


What do I get with Extended Trip Insurance?

When mechanical issues occur, Extended Trip Insurance covers up to 100% of the price difference between the originally booked and replacement aircraft costs. We ensure a replacement aircraft in the same or larger cabin class.


Does Extended Trip Insurance guarantee a replacement aircraft within a timeframe?

No, it doesn’t guarantee a specific timeframe. We, along with the operator and insurance provider, deploy all resources to secure a replacement with minimal departure delay but can’t promise a fixed time.


Does Extended Trip Insurance cover all Maintenance Events?

Extended Trip Insurance covers unscheduled maintenance events within 10 days before your departure. Events occurring beyond this timeframe or scheduled maintenance, owner decisions, pilot or weather-related delays are not covered.


Do I have to accept the presented replacement aircraft? What if I decline?

You’re not obliged to accept. If the solution doesn’t meet your needs or if you find an alternative, you can cancel the trip. Both the charter and Extended Trip Insurance costs will be fully refundable.


Do replacement aircraft and crew meet CFG safety standards?

Absolutely. All replacement aircraft adhere to our industry-leading safety standards. We verify each pilot, aircraft, and itinerary before departure.


Is the purchase of Extended Trip Insurance mandatory for CFG charters?

No, it’s entirely optional. Your CFG Advisor will offer this support per trip, giving you the freedom to choose.


Additional Information:

Extended Trip Insurance covers ancillary costs, such as commercial airline tickets or hotel rooms due to mechanical issues, up to 100% of the original booked cost.