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Charter a Private Jet to Yonkers So you really want to charter a private aircraft flight to Yonkers, New York? You probably know already that you will be landing at either the LaGuardia Airport (KLGA) or the Westchester County Airport (KHPN), depending on your traveling needs. But do you know that though both airports can provide you everything you need from an airport on your chartered private flight, the LaGuardia Airport is the nearest to the central business district of Yonkers at just about 17 miles away. This airport is strategically positioned on the waterside of Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay and thus, you will have a sparkling view of the waters as you land your private aircraft on LaGuardia Airport. The LaGuardia Airport is a busy airport and is part of the New York state s trio of busiest and largest airports in the country. Together with JFK International Airport and Newark Liberty Airport, the trio is the world s largest airports when it comes to total flight operations. This trio of airports is so big that it served an average of 105 million passengers in 2011, with the LaGuardia Airport contributing 24.1 million passengers. LaGuardia accommodates both domestic and international flights from both commercial airlines and private charter companies. With its great standing in the airport industry, LaGuardia has always complemented its quantity with quality. Thus, the airport boasts of first-class and innovative amenities and gold standards when it comes to customer support. You would certainly love landing your private aircraft on this airport.


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Westchester County Airport
New York
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Yonkers, dubbed as New York s gateway to new high-tech business environment, has always been a good destination for corporate travelers. Thus, if the purpose of your private charter flight to Yonkers is to bring with you your team of executives to meet Yonkers executives and start an innovative partnership, then you won t be disappointed. However, if you will charter a private aircraft to Yonkers just to unwind with some family and friends, then you will soon see that you made the right choice. Yonkers is a great place to work and play and the city is proud of its recreation, cultural and shopping destinations. Think of any recreational activity that you can come up with and you ll certainly find it in Yonkers. From boating to golfing to skating and horseback riding, and so much more! You ll find something to do in Yonkers. Of course, when traveling to Yonkers, shopping is given, knowing that the city flourishes with hundreds of retail stores that offer a vast array of choices to shoppers. Come to Yonkers to celebrate cultural events and traditions with the locals as well. The city is proud of its cultural affairs and thus you will find free and unrestricted events such as plays, ballet, opera, and music shows. The Hudson River alone attracts more than 30,000 locals and tourists every year just to celebrate multiple traditions and environmental bliss. Yonkers is obviously a great place to visit and your chartered private flight to this city will be fun and exciting.

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