Private Jet Charter to Tulsa, OK

When Your Private Charter Flight Lands in Tulsa, Oklahoma Private charters flights into local airports are dependant of a few considerations. For instance, if the aircraft you choose is a turboprop or a light jet, then the choices of landings are many. If you choose a larger jet, the options become rather limited. For instance, many private charter guests like to fly into Harvey Young Airport for it is located very near to I-44 on the east side of the city and is fairly quiet and quick service-wise. However, the runways at Harvey Young are somewhat thin, which means that during the summer months when the region is quite hot, heavier aircraft are unable to land. An alternate that some choose is Richard Lloyd, Jr. Airport situated very near to Tulsa on the south side along I-244, the Red Fork Expressway. This is a very suitable airport for it has become the major relief airport for Tulsa International and is used for considerable charter and corporate jet traffic. Of course, one can always have their private charter jet flight enter Tulsa International which offers indoor valet parking for the busy traveler who seeks to avoid the hot summers or cold winters of Tulsa.


Major Airport:
Tulsa International Airport
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Airports near Tulsa

KTUL - Tulsa International Airport

1H6 - Harvey Young Airport

O38 - Gundys Airport

84OL - Cotton Field

OK93 - Airman Acres Airport

09OK - Ragtime Aerodrome

Tulsa, Oklahoma has much to offer private charter travelers whether the flight is for business or for pleasure. If your private jet brings you there for a vacation, whether with the family or not, there are no shortage of things to do. Some of the highlights include, the Philbrook Museum of Art, Cain s Ballroom, and BOK Center. For younger charter clients, one may consider Discoveryland, the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum, and the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. Finally, if relaxation is in your future, consider Spa Lux, the Tulsa Ballet, or River Parks 10 miles of paved walking and biking trails along the scenic Arkansas River. Of course, if your private plane is for business, you likely already know what your plans are, but just in case, we would be remiss if we did not mention that Tulsa has a very diverse economy, centered mostly on advanced enterprises. Indeed, Tulsa s economy is well-divided among high tech, telecom, aerospace, finance, energy, and manufacturing. Among the companies that make Tulsa home are notables such as, Williams Companies, Quik Trip, and Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group. Other companies with a large presence in Tulsa include Citadel Technologies, Conoco-Phillips, Flight Safety International, LegalShield, Lufthansa, Plymouth Pharmaceuticals, and Xcel Energy, to name a few.

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