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Charter Your Private Jet to Greater Rochester International A flight into Greater Rochester International Airport is a treat unto itself. The Director of Aviation for Greater Rochester International is no stranger to flight. M. Giardino is a retired naval aviator who was formerly Deputy-commander of the Naval Air Station in Key West, Florida. In addition, he is a native of Rochester, having gained his passion for flying as a child watching his father take lessons at this very same airport. This has given Mr. Giardino a unique passion for the safety and security of the airport and this is reflected in the zeal with which he works.Of course, on leaving Greater Rochester International after disembarking from your relaxing and timely private jet charter, you will surely want to take flight into the city; the route is very simple as the airport sits directly alongside Interstate Loop 390. Take I-390 due north-west to I-490 into the city. The southerly route will bring you to I-590 near Brighton.


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Rochester International Airport
New York
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Airports near Rochester

KRST - Rochester International Airport

5MN0 - Scrabeck Airport

2MN8 - Trygstad Airport

2C4 - Flying A Airport

Although the recession of 2008 set much of the nation back somewhat, Rochester, according to Forbes Magazine has recovered quicker than any other city in America. It cited the highly-educated workforce in Rochester as the prime reason for the recovery and this city is well on its way to a complete transformation in business and industry. Rochester business and industry is a very diverse blend of high-tech and futuristic corporations relying on cutting-edge research to drive further expansion of the local economy. Alongside bio-tech companies can be found high-end communications; fuel-cells, optics, and advanced research facilities abound in Rochester, making this a very attractive community for those who charter private jets for business.However, business is not all Rochester has to offer. A rebounding tourist industry is again leading the way in New York State with fine dining, museums and arts centers, wineries, parks and zoos, breweries, and scenic trails. Take flight to Rochester and you are sure to find that there is plenty to do.

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