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Your Private Jet Charter to Oklahoma City On booking your private jet charter to Oklahoma City, CFG s friendly and knowledgeable private air consultants will give you a choice of several locations in which to land. For instance, you may wish for your private flight to land at Clarence E. Page Municipal, which is located 15 miles from the business district of Oklahoma City to the west or you may prefer Sundance Airpark, also to the west, but slightly north and just outside the John Kilpatrick Turnpike, which circles Oklahoma City to the north and west. Another that you may choose flight to is Wiley Post Airport, which is situated a bit closer to the heart of Oklahoma City, between Lakes Hefner and Overholser, inside the Turnpike. Finally, the most popular airport in Oklahoma City is the Will Rogers World Airport, situated to the south of the city along the I-44/I-240 merger. To get to downtown, it is a short ride north on I-44.

Oklahoma City

Major Airport:
Will Rogers World Airport
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Airports near Oklahoma City

KTIK - Tinker Air Force Base

OK03 - Downtown Airpark

2OK2 - Twin Lakes Airport

12OK - Expressway Airpark

16OK - Lower Forty Airport

Of course, with an airport named for a famous Hollywood cowboy, one would expect some kind of interesting venue of this sort and Oklahoma City does not disappoint. One of the favored attractions in the city is the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Then, along the lines of modern cowboy, there is the 45th Infantry Division Museum, the largest military museum in the nation. In addition, the National Stockyard Exchange is an incredible site for any city-slicker, as the Oklahomans might say. And lest we forget, be sure to visit Will Rogers Park during your stay in Oklahoma City.As for those traveling to OKC on business, of course, the city that bears the distinction as being the fastest growing city in the world at one time (when founded during the great land rush, the city grew from 0 to 10,000 in a matter of hours), has become a diverse metropolis. A hallmark of Oklahoma City from decades back has been oil and live wells still dot the city, even downtown and alongside the Capitol buildings. However, other sectors playing a major role in the Oklahoma City's economy include information tech firms, health care, administrative services, and the military.

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