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Your Private Charter Jet Flight to Ojai, CA On choosing the place for your private charter jet or turboprop to land, your friendly and knowledgeable flight specialist will guide and assist you all the way. With operators standing by 24/7 to take your call, you will have no difficulty in making your arrangements to Ojai. Of course, there are a few things you may want to consider when deciding where to land. If you are planning a large jet aircraft, then Santa Barbara would be the most logical choice for Santa Paula is a small airport. From Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, simply take California Highway 1/U.S. 101 to California Highway 33, just north of Ventura, California. Then proceed north on Highway 33 into Ojai.If landing your jet at Santa Paula Airport in Santa Paula, California, you will be much closer to your destination. The way to Ojai from the airport is simple. Just take California Highway 150 north to Ojai.


Major Airport:
Santa Barbara Municipal Airport
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OJAI - Queen Alia International Airport

When taking your private charter jet flight to Ojai, you likely already know much about this quiet, quaint little town in southern California. Ojai has dubbed itself the Shangri-La of Southern California as much for its Mediterranean climate as for the local attitude towards everything organic and natural. Major chains are banned from the city, making this an ideal location for business travelers seeking independent markets. One of the key industries in the region involved organically grown produce. Another key industry involves tourism related to the numerous spiritual retreats and festivals related to nature and natural living.Some of the more noteworthy things to do in Ojai include the Gold Course at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, Meditation Mount, Western Trail Rides, Ojai Valley Museum, the Ojai Vineyard, and Rose Valley Falls Trail. In addition, the town hosts numerous festivals throughout the year so be sure to speak with your private charter flight consultant about these.

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