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Private Jet Charter to Napa Valley, CA

Your Private Charter Jet Flight to Napa Valley, California As mentioned, your private jet will need to fly to one of the nearby cities and although Oakland International is the nearest, it is often not the airport of choice for travelers to Napa Valley. Of course, if this is the airport you choose, all you need to do to get to the Napa Valley is travel north on I-880, to I-580 north, to I-80 near Vallejo. Just north of Vallejo, take the exit for California 37 west and a mile from there, take California 29 north, which will take you into Napa Valley. However, because of the complexity and traffic congestion in Oakland, many prefer to land their private jet charter flight at either Sacramento International or Sacramento Executive Airport. From the International Airport, just take I-5 south to I-80 west which will send you to the north side of Vallejo where you follow the same route as described above. From Sacramento Executive, just take I-5 north to I-80 west. Of course, if you need any assistance or would like to arrange ground transportation to Napa Valley from any airport, your private flight consultant can make those arrangements.

Napa Valley

Major Airport:
Napa County Airport
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Airports near Napa Valley

KAPC - Napa County Airport

0Q9 - Sonoma Skypark Airport

0Q3 - Sonoma Valley Airport

Once in Napa Valley, if your private jet charter flight is for business, you had better like grapes and wine, for this pretty much makes up the entire economy. Not entirely true. As a city of over 100,000 people, Napa does have a vast array of other businesses, but none alone make up such a large percentage of the economic impact to merit being singled out. Thus, Napa Valley offers opportunities in finance, transport, food, medical, and other such services. Some of the more popular destinations for private jet charter travelers include Hendry Ranch Wines, Pride Mountain Vineyards, and Schweiger Vineyards. In addition, many find Napa Valley Bike Tours pleasing, the clean mud baths at Spa Solage refreshing, and The Uptown Theater a great venue for live performances. Other excursions of note in Napa Valley include Sharpsteen Museum, Skyline Wilderness Park, and the napa Gold Course at Kennedy Park.

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