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Private Charter Flights to Laredo International Airport On landing at Laredo International Airport in your private charter plane, the first thing you will notice is Lake Casa Blanca to the east and the city of Laredo to the west. Upon leaving the terminal, it is an easy trip into the city and depending on the purpose of your trip, you may head north or south from the airport. For business travelers, the most common route is to take the Bob Bullock Loop (Texas Highway 20) north and west to the newer U.S./Mexico crossing near the Industrial Park in Nuevo Laredo. For those traveling on pleasure, it is a simple matter to head just south of the airport to U.S. Highway 59 west, then take I-35 south to the traditional border crossing near the Laredo Mall.


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Laredo International Airport
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KLRD - Laredo International Airport

MMNL - Quetzalcóatl International Airport

Laredo, even after two decades of immense growth is still a rather small community, but with a constant flow of human traffic in and out of the city for business and tourism, it literally bustles with activity, such as only seen in beehives. For private charter clients who enter the city on business, there are a multitude of locations throughout this city where one might find important interests. One key point of interest in this area is the South Texas Oil & Gas Industrial Park, located just southeast of Laredo International Airport off the Bob Bullock Loop. However, it is generally best to know exactly where one is going before venturing too far and this is where the private charter consultants of CFG will prove invaluable. If one is traveling by private flight on pleasure, some key points of interest include Nuevo Laredo, the Laredo Mall area surrounding, and Lake Casa Blanca International State Park. The Mall area is interesting for the city blocks surrounding the mall to the north and west are filled with wholesale bargain shops, the likes of which few will ever see anywhere else in America. It is a little taste of Mexico without actually going to Mexico. If, however, one prefers, the journey into the border town is a simple one, but remember to bring your passport, for you will need it upon re-entry. In addition, the explosive growth of Laredo has brought with it a varied and interesting night-life, but one should remember to hire a guide, as much for safety as translation service.

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