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Charter a Private Jet to Huntington Beach The nearest major airport to Huntington Beach is the John Wayne International Airport (KSNA) in Orange County, California. Though it is in a different district, the airport is just 8 miles away from the central district of Huntington Beach, California. Originally known as the Orange County Airport, John Wayne International Airport was renamed in 1979 to honor a popular actor-entertainer John Wayne, who has always been known as a resident of the nearby Newport Beach. Thus, if you are flying a chartered private plane to Huntington Beach, you will have to go through Orange County and experience being in the second busiest airport within that California area (next to Los Angeles International Airport). Every year, the airport serves almost 9 million passengers and 16,000 tons of freight loads, including chartered private flights from any domestic and international starting point in the world. Like Charter Flight Group, the John Wayne International Airport also considers security and public safety its top priority. The airport also strives to do more by providing travelers a delightful and competent airport experience on their chartered private trip through John Wayne International Airport to their ultimate destination Huntington Beach, California.

Huntington Beach

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Huntington Beach Municipal Airport
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Airports near Huntington Beach

KHTS - Tri-State/Milton J. Ferguson Field

KHTW - Lawrence County Airpark

Business air charters to Huntington Beach are always on the high. This is because Huntington Beach is one of the prominent areas that houses most of the commercial and industrial centers in Southern California. Thus, when you go for a private jet to Huntington Beach, you will be taken to more than 250 exceptional and sensational businesses that line the streets. You are in for a one-of-a-kind business experience as the city works conscientiously to preserve a business-friendly atmosphere. But if you don t plan to charter a private jet to Huntington Beach just to do business, you will not be disappointed as well. If you plan to travel to this area for fun and recreation, you ll find out soon enough that the city features the only the best in dining, nightlife, shopping, entertainment, activities, and event. For the beach buff in you, you can lounge and ride on more than 12 miles of sand and surf. If a relaxing walk is your game, the city offers 8 miles of paved boardwalk along with one of the lengthiest public piers in whole California. Huntington Beach is the foremost in tourist destinations that it has received numerous recognitions for being one of the finest vacation sites in the United States.

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