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When You Charter a Private Jet Flight to Honolulu, Hawaii When you charter your private jet with CFG knowledgeable flying consultants, be sure to discuss not only options in aircraft, but also the possibility of empty legs, one-ways, and on-demand flights. Sometimes, getting flights on-demand out of Honolulu can be difficult, but Charter Flight Group is here to help. With over 30 years in the private jet charter business, CFG has grown an enormous selection of aircraft from which to serve our clients worldwide. CFG can do what few other carriers can do.Of course, in during your trip, our professional and attentive flight attendants will see to your every need and our superb flight engineers will see to it that your private jet flight is as smooth as possible. Upon landing in Honolulu, you will find the airport conveniently located right alongside U.S. Interstate H1, just to the northwest of Honolulu, Hawai.


Major Airport:
Daniel K. Inouye International Airport
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Airports near Honolulu

PHNL - Honolulu International Airport

PHIK - Hickam Air Force Base

PHNP - Ford Island Naval Auxiliary Landing Field

PHJR - Kalaeloa (John Rodgers Field) Airport

Honolulu International caters to private jet flights from around the world and the airport has all the amenities one would expect and then some. It is kind of like Honolulu itself. A city built on ancient Polynesian customs, Honolulu, Hawaii has lost neither its hospitality nor charm. The city has much to offer those taking a private charter jet flight to Honolulu for vacation; besides the amazing beaches and copious amounts of sunscreen used in the city each year Honolulu provides some of the finest cuisine anywhere. Besides the well-known Arizona Memorial in beautiful Pear Harbor, there are numerous other historic sites, museums for young and old, water sports activities, lush jungle gardens, waterfalls, concerts, luaus, and the list could continue to infinity.However, for the business traveler, naturally, tourism is the major industry, with nearly $10 billion in contributions to the city s GMP. However, there is more to Honolulu than vacationers. Because it is a port city situated along the major trade routes developed centuries ago, Honolulu has grown to be a major trade and business hub for the entire south Pacific region. As a result, the city has developed a sizeable manufacturing base, military operations, and research and development.

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CFG marries technology with the human touch. Our proprietary software allows us to pinpoint the absolute best options for every trip. Combine that with our experienced service-oriented team and you have found a dedicated charter partner you can trust. We utilize one of the world s largest and newest fleet of Jets and Turboprops and operate with the highest standards of safety and service in private aviation.

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Take flight with us and experience service that exceeds the five-star treatment. At FlyCFG, around-the-clock service means wherever and whenever you need a flight, our jet charter company is ready.