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Your Private Charter Jet Flight to El Paso, Texas On booking your private jet charter to El Paso, Texas you will confer with your friendly flight consultant about which airport to land your private charter jet. One of the choices for your charter jet will naturally be El Paso International, located right along U.S. Hwy. 62. To get into El Paso from the airport, all you need to do is follow this highway going west until you reach I-10 westbound. This places you only about a mile from U.S. Hwy. 54, the Patriot Freeway into Mexico or downtown El Paso.The other choice in El Paso airport will be the smaller, though more private Horizon. Horizon is often the choice for those wishing to avoid notice on entering El Paso, for it is a privately owned airport and often caters to small charter aircraft. Horizon Airport is located right along Texas Hwy. 375, Americas Ave, just north of I-10: To get to El Paso downtown, simply head west on I-10 a few miles.

El Paso

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El Paso International Airport
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A city that was once a center for cattle and mining, El Paso has grown to become a center for Military and government, adding upwards of 70 Fortune 500 companies in the region. As a result of NAFTA, this city has diversified considerably, with such companies as Boeing, Eureka, and Hoover placing manufacturing facilities there. In addition, everything from cotton products to medical equipment, from foods to plastics are manufactured and shipped from El Paso. In addition, tourism accounts for a sizable portion of the local economy. As for tourism in El Paso, most who are interested in the kinds of things that El Paso offers often find that the Wyler Aerial Tramway and Franklin Mountains State Park to their liking. The National Border Patrol Museum, the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Museum, and Fort Hood are all located at El Paso. In addition, one of the more interesting golf courses one may ever find, the Painted Dunes Golf Course is a must for experts and duffers alike. Finally, be sure to say hello to the ghosts found at the Magoffin Home State Historical Park.

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