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Private Jet Charter to Colorado Springs, CO

Your Private Charter Flight to Colorado Springs On booking your private jet charter to Colorado Springs, whether by jet or turboprop, our friendly and knowledgeable air consultants are going to ensure that you choose the right airfield for your landing. In Colorado Springs, there are two possible landing spots. The first is COS Airport, which is short for City of Colorado Springs Airport. Located just south of Peterson Air Force Base, COS is located conveniently just outside Colorado Springs. This is the main airport for most commercial flights and often the choice for many private charter flights, especially if pleasure is the reason for the private flight.However, not to be overlooked is Meadow Lake, which is a bit further out of Colorado Springs, but is much quieter than COS and caters to executive travelers. An interesting story about this particular airfield is that during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it came to the attention of this pilot-owned airport that Darlene Durham, former native of Colorado Springs, was in need of surgery, which had to be cancelled because of a power outage. Quickly, the pilots mobilized and local businessmen donated the $2000 needed for fuel to bring them by private jet. Durham and her family were brought to Colorado Springs for her surgery where the family has since relocated.

Colorado Springs

Major Airport:
Colorado Springs Airport
Indeed, Colorado Springs is a small city with a big heart. If your private charter jet is bringing you to Colorado Springs for vacation, here are some things you may find interesting. Garden of the Gods, Pike s Peak, and Red Rock Canyon are all a short distance from the city. You can also tour the U.S. Air Force Academy, visit Glen Eyrie Castle, or the Western Museum of Mining and History. These just name but a few of the unique and interesting things offered by Colorado Springs; there are plenty more. If your private charter jet is bringing you to Colorado Springs on business it is worth noting that many major corporations have large operations there. HP, Verizon, Intel, and SNIA all have facilities in Colorado Springs. Major military contracts are also home in Colorado Springs as Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrup-Grumman, and General Dynamics all have offices and research facilities in the area; these are but a few. The economy in Colorado Springs is effectively divided into three major categories, tourism, military, and high tech enterprises.

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