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Your Private Jet Charter to Brentwood Of course, Brentwood is a small, agricultural community and the only airstrips in the town are private, crop-duster fields. So when planning your private charter flight to Brentwood with any of our knowledgeable flight consultants you will want to consider which airfield on which to land. Your choice of landing for your private jet charter flight to Brentwood will depend largely on the size of your private charter aircraft and the purpose of your trip, but here are some of the options. Byron Airport is only about five miles from Brentwood, but the airport is rather small, so you may not be able to land anything too large there. The nearest large airport is Stockton Metropolitan and of course, if you prefer, you could also take your private charter jet flight to Oakland International. There are numerous other choices in this region and each has its own benefits depending on the purpose of your flight, but rest assured, your private charter flight consultant can handle everything and advise you accordingly.


Major Airport:
Los Angeles International Airport
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Airports near Brentwood

4CA2 - Funny Farm Airport

CN19 - Las Serpientes Airport

KC83 - Byron Airport

CN95 - Heritage Field Airport

Brentwood, California is primarily an agricultural community, providing cherries, corn, and peaches to communities worldwide. Much of this Brentwood produce is shipped by air to ensure freshness. Most of the corn ships through the ports in the Bay area, so transport is a fairly large part of the local economy. In recent years, Brentwood wineries have wowed enthusiasts in San Francisco and worldwide, so many of these local vintages are beginning to transform this town. As a result, although stifled slightly by the recessionary period of 2009, Brentwood is again growing, adding new residential construction to the Brentwood economy. Although Brentwood is not a major metropolis, there can be found a few things to do for the private charter traveler going to Brentwood on personal business; the Hannah Nicole Vineyards has made great strides in making a name and is certainly worth a visit. Round Valley Regional Preserve provides some incredible hiking trails. In addition, not far from Brentwood is Discovery Bay Country Clue and to the northeast Franks Tract State Recreational Area provides quite the lush and beautiful lakes and rivers for fishing, camping, and hiking.

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