Baton Rouge

Private Jet Charter to Baton Rouge, LA

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport After you have chartered your private flight to Baton Rouge, you may find travel in the city somewhat precarious, especially if you plan on venturing south to I-10. A word of caution to private jet clients heading south: On leading the Baton Rouge Airport, I-110 is a spur that leads you to I-10 in the direction of New Orleans and I-12 to points west. Upon reaching the I-10 merge, you will want to use extreme caution, for this merge involves I-10 traffic entering from the right at extremely slow speeds because of the Mississippi Bridge and the sharp curve entering traffic must endure prior to the merger. So plan to be in the left lane and watch for signs of danger, as this is a dangerous part of the highway. From there, all should be smooth. Of course, if you business only takes you to the governing portion of the city or the Industries to the north, this will not be a concern for you.

Baton Rouge

Major Airport:
Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport
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Airports near Baton Rouge

KBTR - Baton Rouge Metropolitan, Ryan Field

3LA3 - La Coste Construction County Airport

54LA - Triangle J Airport

20LS - Clark Field

LA46 - Omni Airport

LS00 - Whitehead Ultralightport

LS39 - Country Bend Airport

LS54 - Brian's Ultralightport

For private charter jet travelers taking a flight to Baton Rouge on business, the city is alive with economic activity. Everything from LSU to numerous Petro-Chem industries to a variety of both State and Federal offices can be found in Baton Rouge. If your private jet charter trip is for pleasure, again, LSU may be a fine destination of choice for the LSU Tigers are known nationwide. In addition, along the Mississippi River sits not only the casinos but also the USS Kidd, the Fletcher Class Destroyer built during WWII. In addition, there are numerous antebellum homes not far from Baton Rouge, lush gardens, and wonderful museums. Of course, for avid fishermen, there is both a fine Cabella s and Bass Pro Shops nearby.

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