Cost of Corporate Travel Increases | Consider Private Plane Charters

Cost of Corporate Travel Increases | Consider Private Plane Charters


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Cost of Corporate Travel Increases | Consider Private Plane Charters


Global business travel is growing, but so are the prices. As airline consolidation accelerates, reasonable corporate fares are evaporating and the lives of corporate travel managers are getting more difficult. This may be the ideal time to consider the benefits of private plane charters.

Business Travel Increases

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According to the Global Business Travel Association, an improving economic outlook and rising business and consumer confidence will increase U.S. business travel by 6.6% this year, nearly double the 3.8% increase of 2013.

Part of the increase is related to more outbound international travel as U.S. businesses connect with their partners, particularly in Europe. Group travel for meetings and conferences and college athletic travel are also growing and are at their highest levels since 2011.

But spending is also becoming harder to control.  Overall airline ticket prices have risen 4%, and many corporations are booking flights further in advance to get lower fares or scheduling fewer, but longer, trips.

And most commercial business travelers have concerns, including:

      • Delayed Flights
      • Limited Seat Availability
      • Delays Passing through Security
      • Earning Loyalty Points
      • Missed Connections

Private Plane Charters Faster and More Affordable

Private plane charters have become far more affordable as well as faster and more accessible.  There are no delays, missed connections or seat limitations. Corporate travelers can book a private flight at a moment’s notice, quickly compare prices, and take advantage of discounted empty leg flights at unbelievable prices.

Rear view of private jet
Rear view of private jet (Photo credit: string_bass_dave)

In fact, especially on long-haul flights, the cost of a private charter may be about the same as a commercial flight. Commercial airlines now add on ancillary charges for every little thing, such as checked baggage, food, early boarding, better seats, flight changes, and so on.

But, even when the price is slightly higher, the time saved can make all the difference. An average trip takes three to five hours of your day when flying commercial. On private plane charters, you recover that lost time by avoiding long security lines, baggage checks and clearing Customs.

Chartering a flight is also a good alternative for corporations that own their own planes but hesitate to use them due to complaints from shareholders about the expense.

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