CFG Travel Log: September Song, Europe, Africa, Asia private charters

CFG Travel Log: September Song


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CFG Travel Log: September Song


September is like a song–a gentle melody after the creshendo.  In the northern hemisphere, summer is fading and autumn winds begin cooling the earth.  In the southern hemisphere, winter is dissipating and heat is again returning.  Thus, virtually anywhere a person chooses to travel in September, there is pleasant weather to enjoy.  Like the reprise of a song, September comes along every year to remind us just how wonderful this “pale, blue dot,” to quote Carl Sagan, really is.  In this installment of the Charter Flight Group travel log, we are going to look at some of the best places on our planet for September travel.

September 2013 sunset-1=
September 2013 sunset-1= (Photo credit: Sheba_Also)

European Travel in September

For anyone wanting to visit the Mediterranean, this is perhaps the best time of year for so doing.  Portugal and Greece are perhaps the best locations for warm breezes still abound, but the traditional tourist season is over.  This means that beaches, hotels, and sight-seeing destinations are far less crowded.  Thus, for those who enjoy their privacy, this is the time to head for the Med.  Inland, Croatia is known to be postively stunning this time of year, especially along the Adriatic coastline, as is much of the European mainland.  In fact, the climate throughout Europe in September is mild and friendly.  Just put your map on the wall and throw a dart–you can’t go wrong.

Asian Travel in September

Although the monsoon season is officially over by September, there are still many locations which are rather inhospitable.  These are mainly along the coastlines, so the place to go is China.  Head to the Northeast of the country–go see the Great Wall.  Indeed, September is a great time to see the Great Wall of China.  Another good place to visit in September is Indonesia for oddly, September is still the dry season in Indonesia.

African Travel in September


English: Adriatic Sea from a ferry. Română: Ma...
English: Adriatic Sea from a ferry. Română: Marea Adriatică de pe un feribot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Northern Africa in September is great for the same reasons much of Europe is great–the warm Mediterranean climate still governs, but without the blistering heat of summer making the region unbearable.  Zimbabwe is dry this time of year but the nights are fair and pleasant.  Nambia likewise, though September is the tourist season here so if crowds are to be avoided, perhaps this is not the place to go.  Still, throughout much of Africa, the weather is fair and wildlife abounds, making the continent a vertiable paradise for nature lovers.

Charter Flight in September

Any time is a great time for charter flight travel.  At Charter Flight Group, we are naturally biased when it comes to private charters.  We are naturally biased when it comes to OUR private charters.  This is only because we know all about the CFG Difference.  We would be happy to help you with all your September travel plans for then you would understand the CFG Difference as well.  For a private flight as lovely as a September song, give us a call right now and we’ll make all your September travel arrangements.  Our number is 1-888-634-7449.

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