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Fly to Canada with a Chartered Private Jet

Canada is situated in North America and expands from the Atlantic to the Pacific, which is made of three Territories and ten Provinces. The Arctic Ocean in the North, the Davis Strait in the North East, which divides Canada from Greenland, and the Atlantic Ocean in the East, Alaska and the Pacific Ocean in the West and the United States of America in the South.

Canada and the United States of America had always been close, as demonstrated by the fact that they share a long, unguarded border. Although the two countries have extensive cultural, economic, geographical and financial ties with the United States, Canada maintains a distinct difference from its southern neighbor; which makes it a nation worth exploring.

In fact, last 2012, around 16 million tourists visited Canada, which brought US$17.4 billion in tourism revenues to their economy. Domestic and International Tourism makes up around 1% of the total GDP of Canada and provides 309,000 jobs.

Canada is a great country, and this makes it as one of the top ten countries that most international tourists wish to visit. Canada has a big foreign and domestic tourism industry. Canada is the second biggest country in the world; it has an incredible geographical diversity, which makes it vital to tourist attractor. Many of Canada’s tourism in focused on its four biggest areas namely Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Canada is a country that has exceptional natural beauty and boasts majestic coasts, wild rivers and forests, and magical mountains. The country also boasts cities with skyscrapers, classy shopping, and gastronomic delights. From ethnic festivals to the changing of the guard in Ottawa, from Calgary Stampede to the Shakespearean Festival, Canada is a mesmerizing combination of English and French, formal and casual, traditional and modern.

Things to do in Canada are limitless. You can go to a gallery or national museum, acquire Museums Passport or apply for funding thru various programs, which are intended to help heritage institutions. You can also go to nature and relax in the midst of the beautiful scenery of the national parks and marine conservation that Canada has to offer, or how about visit a national historic area and learn of its profound significance to Canada?

As the second largest country, Canada has a lot of stunning landscapes and one-of-a-kind sites you can discover. From coast to coast, Canada has a lot of exciting and traditionally rich cities, alongside unbelievable natural wonders, which will leave you in awe. Wish to visit Canada with your family and friends soon? There are tons of commercial flights that operate to Canada, but don’t like the idea of sharing the flight with rude and noisy strangers?  Well, a chartered flight is perfect for you, and Charter Flight Group can assist you!

When you choose us to arrange your chartered flight, expect to receive a truly bespoke service because every part of the charter experience is designed to your exact needs. From the flight schedule, the precise date and time of your flight, to the various catering and service preferences, our committed knowledgeable team will make your experience with us as a memorable one.