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Business Aviation

Why is Business Aviation a Business Necessity?

What used to be considered as a thing used only by big global companies and in extreme circumstances has, today, turned into a business essential.   If you own, lease or charter a jet, you already know that business aviation is as essential as your laptop or mobile phone. For companies that don’t use business aviation, read on so you can learn why it is a vital business tool for your company to endure and succeed in today’s challenging economy.

Whether if it’s transporting a number of workers from one plant to the other or bringing in clients for a meeting, companies, no matter what size or industry, are relying on business aviation to stay in the competition within their markets. Therefore, business aviation is helping companies save valuable money by removing the “down time” and obstructions associated with commercial air travel.

According to Kim Showalter, the President of Showalter Flying Service in Orlando, Florida, Because there isn’t enough time in the day as it is, relying on a business aircraft helps companies take advantage of the time they have.”

Companies are used with the old proverb “time is money’ as they look to increase their productivity and profitability, and at the same time offering happier and healthier work setting for their workers. And they have found a number of cases where business aircraft achieves both – like when a sales team has to go to several places in a short span of time, when a lot of employees are travelling on the same route, when the schedule of the airline doesn’t fit the schedule of the airline or when their destination is not a major airline hub.

For many companies, the cost was the big hindrance in using business aviation services in the past. However, that problem isn’t valid anymore according to Showalter. Companies that depend on their aircraft have undergone comparative studies to know the cost against the total cost of commercial air travel, which includes airfare, hotel and meals expenses, car rentals and the value of time travelling away from the family. According to Showalter, the costs add up. He also said that companies have finally realized that it’s more economical to have their workers working instead of waiting for delayed or cancelled flight.

Spending less time at the airline is a big point for employees, who eat more at home as in the airport. Business aviation, in fact, provides business travelers the liberty to go where they want and when they want. And with the business trend to reorganize from big cities, that is vital. Nowadays, if you’re going to somewhere that is not a major commercial hub, it may take you twice as long in reaching it.

Business aircraft typically take the form of a single or twin-engine pistons, corporate jets or turboprops and can accommodate 4 to 24 passengers. Although commercial airlines can access to 500 airports, business aviation aircraft can take off and land at 5,000 hubs all over the country – which is ten times more as compared to commercial airliners.

Showalter said that business aviation has become the way of life for the prosperous and thriving businesses today. He also noted that it is the most effective business travel option available.

Showalter is indeed right. In today’s tough economy, companies must embrace the necessary business tools in order to survive and succeed. However, if you are just a small company that doesn’t have the capability to purchase a business jet, you always have the option to take a corporate jet charter flight. And Charter Flight Group is a renowned company that offers corporate jet charter services. So book your charter flight with us now!