Brazil vs Canada…Embraer Not Football

Brazil vs Canada…Embraer Not Football


Soccer, known as football throughout much of the world is the most popular sport on the planet and two of the top competitive nations are Brazil and Canada.  However, in recent years, Brazil vs Canada has taken on a different tone.  Embraer, the upstart in the commercial aircraft market is giving third spot Bombardier of Canada a heady run. Indeed, Embraer is fairly storming the industry with its popular “E” series jets and Bombardier of Canada is taking note.

Brazil vs Canada…Embraer vs Bombardier

Moving into the 1980s, Bombardier was a minor player in the aerospace industry but turned that around by purchasing Canadair in 1986.  Turning that company around, restoring profitability was quite the feat for the company and in 1990, it shocked the world by purchasing Learjet of Kansas, USA.  Continuing growth throughout the 1990s, Bombardier forced its way into third spot, only behind manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.

Embraer began as a government-operated manufacturer of aircraft in 1969, but remained a minor player.  That all change in 1994 when privatization helped the company avert bankruptcy.  After this, Embraer began a strong and concerted effort to grow its product lines, gaining contracts first with the Brazilian government, then adding similar contracts throughout the region.  Finally, in 2000, the company went public on both the NYSE and BM&F Bovespa exchanges.

Embraer Ranks Fourth…for How Long?

As of today, Embraer has managed to position its popular E-Jet line, small military aircraft, and large cargo transports such that it has secured contracts with China and other major players.  Embraer has clearly set its sights on bigger and better things and is now in position to take that third-ranking spot from Bombardier.  According to an article in the Financial Post just last week, Embraer has won $4.9 Billion in orders from U.S. carriers compared with Bombardiers paltry $1.9 Billion in such contracts.

Embraer has made great showings at all major air shows this year and has been steadily walking away with both government and private carrier contracts worldwide.  The big question on the minds of investors and flyers alike is: Will Embraer take over the number three position among aerospace manufacturers.  Another to ponder, will Embraer then set its sights on Boeing and Airbus?

Certainly so.

At Charter Flight Group, we applaud the efforts of the aerospace manufacturers for ramping up the race and the pace.  Some excellent aircraft are resulting from this increased competition and we are pleased to offer many of them to our charter flight clients.  For instance, if you would like to charter an Embraer Lineage or a Learjet from Bombardier, we are pleased to provide.  For more information simply call us at 1-888-634-7449, 24/7.

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