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New Providence Island is an inconsistentmix of extravagant casinos, quiet and shady lanes, splashy megaresorts and tiny settlements that remind a remotesimpler age, land development unrivaled elsewhere in the Bahamas, and enormous stretches of untrammeled territory. This is New Providence Island, a grab-bag destination.The island, home to two-thirds of all Bahamians, offers afast-paced living, nightlife that goes on until daybreak, and high-end shopping strips.And when all the flurry and bustle gets too much, it’s easy to find quiet stretches of white sandy beach where the only disruption is the waves rolling in.


Nassau is the nation’s capital and transportation hub, as well as its banking and commercial center, attracts most tourists. The incidental combination of tourist-friendly enterprise, tropical weather, and island flavor with a European overlay has not passed unnoticed: each year, more than 2.5 million cruise-ship passengers arrive at Nassau’s Prince George Wharf.


Atlantis Paradise Island


Paradise Island is an island in the Bahamassituatedjust off the shore of the city of Nassau, which is itself located on the northern boundary of the island of New Providence.A Caribbean island untouched by time, the massive Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino brings a powerful dose of Vegas-style glitz to Paradise Island.There are nightlife and fine dining to appeal to adults, but kids will enjoy the pools, beaches and all manner of water sports.


Harbour Island


Harbour Island is an island located off the northeast coast of Eleuthera Island. It is one of the most famous destinations in the Caribbean.Along the Atlantic side of the island are the famed pink sand beaches. The island has long been a hideaway of the rich and famous because of its truly pink beaches and chic resorts. Sifted and smoothed by generations of waves, the sands are coloredwith finely crushed coral. A light rose blush by day; they become a vibrant pink at sunset. With its soft sands and the decorations of blue in the sea, it is frequently called the world’s most beautiful beach.Warm clear ocean waters offer excellent diving, fishing, and boating while outlying reefs provide safe swimming and snorkeling.


Pirates of Nassau Museum


This interactive museum in the heart of the historic city of Nassau would appeal to numerous children as well as adults who are charmed by the “Golden Age of Piracy” in the Caribbean, which lasted from 1690 – 1720. Nassau provided the impeccable, protected harbor from which the pirates could launch their attacks along the trade routes of merchant vessels.


The journey of the museum begins by exploring a twilight Quayside where the smell of tar and sea water mingles in the still evening. The lapping of the water gently can be heard on the dark wooden ship. In the tavern close by, the crew celebrates with fiddle and song the capture of a rich prize, laden with Spanish gold. Next, when you aboard the pirate ship replica “Revenge” and explore the lower decks, you can experience the life at the sea in 1716. Emerge from the lower decks to find yourself on the island paradise of Nassau’s beachside shanty town. You will also find yourself on the deck of an embattled ship to be boarded by the terrifying Captain Teach, known as the Blackbeard among the exploding cannon and torn sail. A display of material objects, swing classes, flintlock pistols and other items connected to the Golden Age of Piracy is also exhibited.


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