Book Your Private Charter Flight With a Fixed-wing Aircraft

Book Your Private Charter Flight With a Fixed-wing Aircraft

A Fixed-wing aircraft is a kind of aircraft, commonly called an aeroplane (in Commonwealth English) or airplane (in North American English). It has stationary wings to generate lift and achieve flight. Nowadays, fixed-wing aircraft fly between many cities bringing people and cargo, internationally. An airport is a place where fixed-wing aircraft can safely land and take off.


  • Wings – It is the most important because that what makes the plane fly. The wings create an upward airspeed that goes against gravity which makes the airplane get off the ground.
  • Tail – also called the vertical stabilizer. It is a large flat panel found at the back of the plane.
  • Engines – Enable the plane to push forward. This makes sure that air goes over the wings making the plane fly.
  • Fuselage – The main body of the plane; the shape of a long cylinder with rounded ends. It is the part of the plane where people go inside.
  • Landing Gear – It supports the plane on the ground. If the plane lands on the ground, it can be wheels. Skids, if the plane lands in the water.


  1. Seaplane – a kind of fixed-wing aircraft that is capable of taking off and landing on water. Amphibian aircraft, or sometimes called hydroplanes, can also operate from dry land.
  2. Powered gliders –Come in many forms of the glider and may be modified by adding a small power plant. The following are:
  • Motor glider – It is a conventional glider or sailplane with an auxiliary power plant used to increase performance when in flight.
  • Powered hang glider – It is a hang glider with a power plant added.
  • Powered parachute – It is a paraglider type of parachute designed with an integrated airframe, seat, undercarriage and power plant that hung beneath.
  • Powered paraglider or paramotor – It is a paraglider that has a power plant suspended behind the pilot.
  1. Ground effect vehicle – It is an aircraft that attains flight level near the earth surface using the ground effect.

Propeller Aircraft – They are quite and fly at such lower speeds. Compared to similar sized jet powered aircraft, these have lower load capacity. They are cheaper and much more economical than jets. Generally, it is the best option to transport a few passengers and small amounts of cargo.  Certainly, it’s considered the best option for pilots who want to have their aircraft. Turboprop aircraft are popular with commuter and regional airlines because they tend to be more economical on shorter flights.

Jet Aircraft – The engines are much more powerful than a reciprocating engine. They have greater weight capacity that enables to fly faster than propeller aircraft. These aircraft are noisy making the aircraft a source of noise pollution.

Supersonic Aircraft – An aircraft that is able to fly faster than the speed of sound (Mach 1.0).

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