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Good Reasons to Explore Asia

As the biggest and most populated continent on Earth, with 3.8 billion people, Asia is made of many different ethnic groups, environments, culture, historical ties, economics and system of government.

The continent is geographically made up of 8.7% of the Earth’s overall surface area, and about 29.5% of its land area.

Asia is bordered on the west by Europe, in its eastern coastline lays the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the Bosporus Strait, the Caspian Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.

And in the east, it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and virtually a boundless stretch of bays and seas.

And in its northern border lays the Arctic Ocean and a few seas, while Asia is separated from North America by the Bering Sea. The Red Sea lies in its southwest borders, and the isthmus of the Suez divides the continent from Africa.

Asia is bordered on the south by the Indian Ocean, among various bays, gulfs and seas, and also wide chains of uninhabited and inhabited islands.

While exploring Asia may seem like a bizarre goal, more and more people are discovering just how mesmerizing earth’s largest continent can be. With other places in the world you can go to, why not travel to this particular continent? Well, here are great reasons:

Asia is Cheap

In general, your money goes a long way when you’re in Asia. You can stay at a 3-star city hotel that is comfy, has friendly staff, well-located, at the same time luxury resorts, are normally half the price of its European equivalent. Furthermore, you can dine at first-class restaurants without having to worry about the price. Depending on how you travel, it would be cheaper if you travel in Asia.

Asians are Friendly

Beautiful smiles, great waves and the warmest welcome wait for you in Asia. You will be pampered with the continents unparalleled hospitality and service. Asians are very nice and helpful, which makes traveling there a very pleasant experience. It is very easy to start a conversation with any local, and they are normally very curious to know more things about you as you are about them. This can make as a great travel experience you can have.

Asian Food is Fantastic

Food is one of the most enjoyable things for travelers in Asia because Asian food has distinct flavor and taste different from Western cuisines. Asian foods pack a lot of flavor, aroma and spice. According to studies, Western foods tend to pair ingredients with the same flavor compounds. But Asian cuisines, do the opposite, avoiding ingredients that have the same flavor. In Asian cuisines, the more two flavors are the same, the less likely they are combined together.

Asia’s Travel Spots are Breath-taking

From big cities to faraway islands, Asia’s top travel locations can provide a good dose of adventure, culture, and history. However, despite its glamor, Asia is sometimes disregarded by travelers disappointed by long-haul flight and tough time changes that go along with a trip to these destinations. If you’ll allow these factors to hinder you, then you will miss out on a great discovery.

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