Aircraft of the Month: Nextant


The Nextant

This month at FlyCFG, we are excited to showcase an exceptional aircraft that has been making waves in the aviation world - the Nextant. This remarkable jet is part of the innovative Nextant Aerospace family, renowned for revolutionizing aircraft by combining advanced technology with proven platforms. The Nextant is an ideal choice for travelers who prioritize cutting-edge technology, efficiency, and value.

The Nextant excels in efficiency and performance, particularly in medium-range flights. It is the aircraft you’d want for journeys that require both speed and comfort. Picture smoothly traversing from Miami to Toronto or from Paris to Istanbul. With its impressive range, the Nextant turns these trips into seamless and luxurious experiences.


Range: 2,400 nautical miles
Seating: Up to 7 passengers
Max Speed: 460 MPH

Advanced Features of the Nextant:

The cabin of the Nextant is a masterpiece of design and functionality. It offers a versatile space that caters to various needs, whether you’re looking to work, relax, or dine in the sky. The interior exudes a sense of sophistication and comfort, perfect for both business and leisure travel.

A key highlight of the Nextant is its state-of-the-art noise reduction technology. This ensures a tranquil cabin environment, allowing passengers to enjoy a quiet and peaceful journey. Whether you’re holding a meeting or simply resting, the serene cabin environment enhances your experience.

Connectivity is paramount in today’s world, and the Nextant does not disappoint. Equipped with high-speed internet, the jet ensures you stay connected throughout your flight. This makes working, streaming, or just browsing online effortlessly possible from the skies.

The seating in the Nextant is a blend of luxury and adaptability. The ergonomically designed seats can be reconfigured to suit various layouts, creating a comfortable space for relaxation, work, or dining. The emphasis is on passenger comfort, ensuring a pleasant journey even during longer flights.

Entertainment is integral to the Nextant’s offering. The aircraft features an advanced entertainment system, providing a wide selection of movies, music, and games to keep passengers engaged and entertained throughout the flight.

Storage is never an issue with the Nextant. The intelligently designed storage compartments provide ample space for luggage, all within easy reach for passengers during the flight.

Tailored Technology:

The Nextant is equipped with an intuitive control system for adjusting cabin lighting, temperature, and entertainment settings. This technology empowers passengers to create an ambiance that suits their mood and preferences, ensuring a personalized flight experience.

Nextant Performance:

The Nextant’s cabin is designed for optimum space utilization, providing a comfortable environment for both work and relaxation. It comfortably accommodates up to 7 passengers, ensuring that everyone onboard travels in style and comfort.

The jet’s impressive cruising speed and range make it a top choice for travelers who value efficiency. The Nextant is not just about getting to your destination; it’s about enjoying every moment of your journey.


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