Aircraft Spotlight of the Month:

Beechcraft Corporation King Air 350

The King Air 350

FlyCFG is excited to offer you one of the most popular lines of turboprops in the world: the King Air 350. The aircraft stands out due to its large cabin, rugged abilities, and remarkable performance, comparable to that of a midsize jet but at a fraction of the cost. It is an ideal choice for those desiring superior performance, range, and comfort on their next flight. The King Air 350 is perfect for transporting passengers due to its high-performing, luxurious twin-turboprop engines that can take you wherever you need to go.

The King Air 350 is the largest in the versatile King Air family, including the King Air C90 and King Air 250. It boasts a maximum range of 1,739 miles and a maximum speed of 368 mph. This aircraft can comfortably seat eight passengers in its standard configuration but can accommodate up to 11 in its maximum configuration. The baggage compartment holds up to 10 average-sized bags and the cabin measures 19.2 feet long, 4.5 feet wide, and 5 feet tall. This offers unrivaled comfort in its class.
  • Range - 1,550 nautical miles or 1,739 miles
  • Seats up to 11 passengers
  • Max Speed 368 MPH

The advanced features of the King Air 350

Given its remarkable performance, the interior of the King Air 350 is designed to ensure that even the longest flights feel like home. Within the cabin, you will find eight reclining and sliding executive seats arranged in four pairs, providing an elegant and relaxing environment for your journey.

The King Air 350’s engines are mounted farther outboard from the fuselage and the propellers are moved farther forward, thanks to the larger 58 ft wingspan. This design keeps the cabin quieter and ensures a comfortable ride even in turbulence and challenging weather. 

Tailored technology

The King Air 350 cruises at 320 knots per hour, allowing it to compete with many jets in terms of speed. However, its key advantage over the midsize jet market is its ability to operate in and out of smaller airports. This capability, primarily due to its robust landing gear, makes the King Air 350 a standout option for trips to locations with limited runway length. 

King Air 350 specifications and performance

With a cabin height of 5 feet, a width of over 4.5 feet, and a length of 19.2 feet, the King Air 350 offers ample space for business and leisure. It can comfortably accommodate up to 11 passengers and has a baggage area of 71 cubic feet, ensuring you can carry all essentials for your journey. The King Air 350 has a range of 1739 miles, and with a cruising speed of 368 mph, it puts most potential flights well within reach.

Book your next trip on a King Air 350

Maximize your next private flight by booking your journey on the King Air 350 with FlyCFG. At FlyCFG, we have access to a broad range of world-class aircraft, enabling you to select the plane that offers the ideal size and combination of features to meet your requirements.

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