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Why Fly in Private Charter Flights


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Why Fly in Private Charter Flights


Celebrities, businessmen, and other famous personalities choose to fly privately because they can afford to. Obviously, a private charter plane will cost you more than travelling on a passenger flight, but there are a lot of advantages in chartering a flight.

Here is why you should choose to private charter flights if you can afford to:

1.You can fly anytime you need or want.Need to get to your sister’s wedding or attend a very important meeting on time in another city or abroad but can’t because of your previous commitments? A private charter plane can fly you anytime you choose to. From a business meeting, you can go straight to the airport and get to where you need to be in the next few hours.

In commercial flights, you have to get in queues and wait for the departure time.

2.It’s economical especially when you travel with companions.It is a fact that private charter flights will really cost more than a first class flight. But, when you travel with your family, friends or as a business group, a private charter flight may cost less than a first class flight. How and why?

For example, a first class seat will cost you, let’s say, a $1,500 while a private flight travelling on the same route would cost $5,000 depending on the size of the charter jet. If you travel alone, a first class flight might be a good idea and maybe can provide you with the same comfort of a private charter flight. However, if you are travelling with two people, you will have to pay $1,500 each which is almost the same price as a private charter flight.

3.No noisy or unruly co-passengers.Things that can ruin your travel experience can take place on your flight. Rude and noisy passengers are one of these undesirable things.

When you travel in a private charter jet, you can enjoy the peace and privacy. You can enjoy the view without frowning at what’s happening at your back. You can dose off during the whole flight or finish some work that needs to be done.

4.Less travel time.First, you do not have to arrive hours earlier at the airport than your actual departure time just to get in long check-in lines. Second, private charter jets does not require large airports to leave and land unlike commercial flights in major airports. Less waiting time on the ground means less time wasted on nothing.

When in the air, smaller jets travel faster than bigger planes. This is because smaller jets fly higher. Therefore, they do have to join the air traffic that involves bigger planes.

5.You can customize your flight according to your needs.Food, entertainment, and the ambiance contribute to your overall flight experience. When you fly in a private charter jet, you can request for specific amenities to be available especially during a long flight. You can inform the service provider about certain types of food or the music you want to be played beforehand.

With all these advantages, why not fly privately if you can afford to.

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