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What You Need to Know About Jets and Airport Security


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What You Need to Know About Jets and Airport Security

When flying on a private jet, you enter into a world of some major perks. Not only is your entire flight experience catered to meet your personal needs, but you also get to avoid some of the regulations you would ordinarily face when flying commercial. After all, a big benefit of flying private is that you can skip the stressful parts of traveling, like waiting in long security lines and adhering to luggage restrictions. 

We have provided information around what the private jet airport security process looks like, so you have a better idea of what to expect when you book your own jet charter through a company like us. 

Skip the security lines

Yes, the rumors are true. When you reserve a private jet charter, you do not need to go through security. This means you do not wait in those long lines to pass through the metal detectors and X-ray screening machines. It also means you can keep everything in your pockets and keep your shoes on as you make your way to your aircraft. In most cases, the pilot or flight crew will simply ask for your ID for proof of identification before boarding. 

Forget about luggage restrictions 

Since you do not need to go through security lines and metal detectors, you can ignore the liquid restrictions. When you fly private, you can pack all your full-sized liquids, from your salon shampoo to your favorite lotion. There are no restrictions on the volume of liquids or number of bottles you pack in your luggage. You also do not need to dump out your coffee or your water bottle, like you ordinarily would before entering the security area–you are free to board your flight with your drink in hand. 

Another perk of flying private is that you do not have baggage limitations. Whether you are flying with one carryon or five, you are welcome to board with as many pieces of luggage as you would like, without facing additional fees. As long as your belongings do not exceed the weight limit of the jet, you are welcome to bring it onboard. Headed out for a golf trip? Let us know! If you cannot fit them in your jet, we will assist with shipping your clubs to your final destination.

Though you do not need to pass any of your luggage through security, your pilot does have the right to search any and all bags in regard to maintaining health and safety aboard the flight. 

Control your schedule

Because you get to surpass security, you do not need to adhere to check-in times either. At commercial airports, oftentimes, you must arrive two to three hours in advance of your flight departure to cover the time it takes to pass through security. However, when you fly private, your aircraft can go wheels up as soon as you arrive. In fact, in most cases, the jet is ready 30 minutes before your departure time and can take off within 15 minutes of you settling into your cabin. To top it off, there is no need to worry if you are running late. Your jet is not going anywhere until you are onboard and ready to go. 

Along with skipping those check-in times, you get to decide where and when you want to take off. You are not held at the mercy of commercial flight schedules or specific flight routes. Whether you need a last-minute flight for an urgent business meeting or a much-needed weekend getaway, your aircraft is ready when you are. Our charter plane service can have you in the air within three hours or less of you making your reservation. 

Drive right up to your aircraft

At many of the top private jet airports, you are free to drive on the tarmac and pull right up to the steps of your aircraft– something that would not pass security regulations at a commercial airport. 

If you drive yourself to your flight, a convenient valet will happily take care of your vehicle. Whether you are behind the wheel or in the backseat of a limousine, you do not have to worry about taking trolleys or multiple shuttles throughout the airport in order to board your aircraft. 

Trust your pilot and crew

Just because you do not need to pass security, it does not mean your flight and crew have the same luxury. It is actually quite the opposite. At Private Charter Flight Group, we take private jet safety and security extremely seriously. That is why we vet every pilot, crew, and aircraft. We also require background checks on all pilots. No jet takes off without a full safety inspection from top to bottom, as we ensure every flight adheres to the strictest safety standards in the industry.

Now that you know what to expect when it comes to private jet airport security, it is time to take to the skies in a jet of your own. When you fly with us here at Charter Flight Group, indulge in our elite service and settle in for a pedigree in-flight experience. Ready to reserve a flight? Use our private jet comparison list to decide on the aircraft of your choice. Book your preferred flight, and you can be wheels up in three hours or less.