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What to Know About International Private Jet Travel - Charter Flight Group

What to Know About International Private Jet Travel


September 13, 2021

Jordan Brown

We know we do not need to tell you twice how high-class the experience really is when it comes to private travel. From the lavish cabin spaces to the unrivaled white-glove service, it is exceptional all the way around. And when you decide to travel on an international private jet charter, you really take the experience up a notch. 

On an international private jet, you have the opportunity to indulge in all the usual amenities and perks of private travel–and then some. However, there are a few additional aspects you will want to keep in mind before traveling internationally on a private jet, such as having the proper documents on hand and choosing an aircraft with all your preferred comforts. To help you know what to expect on your next private jet for international travel, we have outlined everything you need to know. 

International Private Jets Can Access Exclusive Destinations

One of the major perks of reserving an international private jet charter for your travels is that these aircraft are not restricted to major airports like their commercial counterparts. Because many private jets do not require a long runway to take off and land, they can access smaller, more remote destinations, from small islands to secluded resorts. This widens your scope when it comes to the kinds of international places you can visit.

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Private Travelers Must Carry Proper Documentations

While it is true that private travelers can bypass traditional security checks, you will still need the proper documentation to arrive in another country. This means you will likely need a valid passport and possibly a visa, depending on the specific destination. You will not be allowed to enter the country without providing these documents. Inquire in advance to ensure you have the proper paperwork to enter.

Private Travelers Still Pass Through Customs

In the same vein, you will still go through customs when you arrive at your destination. While you may have the opportunity to pass through a private customs area designated for private travelers, you cannot bypass this step. You will present the documents mentioned above during customs check.

Pet May Require Special Documents or Vaccines

Many travelers choose to fly private because they face fewer restrictions when it comes to traveling with their pets. In fact, oftentimes, pets can travel comfortably in the cabin with their owners. With that said, you may need to show certain documents or proof of vaccination before another country will allow your pet to enter. These laws differ from one country to the next. Know the local laws before traveling with man’s best friend. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian and speak with your private charter about any special requirements.

A Wide Range of Jets Fly Internationally

Can private jets travel internationally? Yes! When choosing a private jet for international travel, you have the opportunity to choose the exact make and model of aircraft you would like. If you are traveling long distances, such as from New York to London, you will likely need a long-range jet that will not need to refuel before arriving at your destination across the pond. However, if you are already in an international destination, like Europe, and just want to hop around to a few neighboring countries, a shorter-range jet will do the trick. With so many international private jets to choose from, you will have no trouble landing on the ideal one for you and your travel needs.

Private Aircraft Feature Spacious Cabins

As you are exploring the many international private jet charters available, you will come across all kinds of cabin arrangements. The smaller aircraft, such as the light and mid jets, offer more compact spaces with fewer amenities. Though small, these cabins are still decked out to ensure the utmost comfort. As you get into the larger aircraft like the supermid and heavy jets, you will discover more spacious cabins where you can more freely move around and relax. Some of the best private jets for international travel come with various cabin zones featuring workspaces, lounge areas, and even private bedrooms.

Private Charters Offer More Luggage Space in the Cabin

More cabin space also means more luggage space. Unlike commercial aircraft, many private jet charters for international travel do not limit private jet travelers’ baggage capacity. This means you do not need to skimp on packing for your international travelers or worry about excess baggage charges. Check with your specific private charter about luggage space–you will likely have plenty of room for several pieces of luggage.

Flight Crews Accommodate All Your Travel Needs

If you have a long flight ahead of you, there is a good chance you have some ideas of how you could be more comfortable in the sky. Perhaps you want a lush seat that can recline flat into a bed so that you can catch up on some shuteye. Or maybe you want the entertainment lounge stocked with all the latest blockbuster movies. It could even involve eating your favorite comfort meal for dinner. The good news is that the flight crew is always one step ahead of you, making all your requests come to life. Simply make your travel requests with your private charter in advance, and they will do everything to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Private Jet International Travel Costs More Than Domestic Travel

As for private jet international travel costs, the price can be on the higher end. Several factors go into the cost of your private flight, such as the length of the flight, the kind of jet, and the number of passengers. Since you typically pay an hourly rate for a private charter, it will obviously be more expensive the longer the flight. For instance, a private business flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo will typically cost more than one from Paris to Brussels. 

Book Your Private Jet for International Travel Today

Need to attend an important business meeting in Madrid? Or are you eying a Caribbean vacation? Wherever your international travels take you, allow us to help you get there. At Charter Flight Group, we are eager to arrange all your upcoming travels wherever and whenever you need them. We even feature an impressive Jet Card loyalty program, which invites you to snag exclusive perks, from free jet upgrades to complimentary catering allowances. Why wait? Book your international private jet charter today!

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