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What is Fractional Ownership?


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What is Fractional Ownership?

Created in 1995 and based in Richardson, Texas, Flexjet began as a fractional jet ownership supplier for Bombardier aircraft, comprising of the Learjet 40 XR, Learjet 45 XR, Learjet 60 XR, Challenger 300, and Challenger 604 and 605 business jets. In 2006, Flexjet started offering the right to use the Flexjet 25 Jet Card – operated by U.S. air carrier Jet Solutions under FAR Part 135.

In 2008, Flexjet was responsible for introducing whole aircraft ownership and management with the Flexjet One program. Flexjet combined the Skyjet, which is the charger brokerage division of Bombardier in 2010 and started providing charter services using the Flexjet charter card and on-demand charter brokerage services. Flexjet started an alliance with Korean Air and Vista Jet in 2010.

Flexjet’s Services

  • Whole Aircraft Management and Ownership — The Flexjet One program lets the owners buy a whole airplane and have Flexjet manage it. Benefits comprise of access to the fractional program fleet of Flexjet, the capability to use more than one airplane in one day, foreseeable expenses, personnel management, no start-up costs, and use of hangar or maintenance. Owners have the benefit of the fractional program of Flexjet like secondary service area, where ferry costs are excluded for travel to and from areas outside the United States. Other benefits are reduced the total hourly rate (including fuel) for 20% and the capability to sell unused hours to Flexjet.
  • Fractional Ownership —Individuals or companies can buy a share in a Bombardier business jet and take advantage of accessing the Flexjet fractional program fleet at a portion of the whole ownership cost. Owners of Flexjet can pick the type of aircraft that they need, define the number of hours per year they fly and buy shares beginning at 1/16 of the overall shares of an airplane (equivalent to 50 hours of flying). Owners pay foreseeable monthly management and usage fees while Flexjet is in charge of hangars, aircraft maintenance, flight crew, insurance and fuel on their behalf.
  • Flexjet 25 Jet Card — Initially introduced last 2006, the Flexjet 25 Jet Card, which is operated by by U.S. air carrier Jet Solutions under FAR Part 135 – provides travelers access to private jet travel in raises of 25-, 30- and 35-hours – Jet Solution’s fleet of Bombardier Learjet 40 XR, Learjet 45 XR, Learjet 60, Challenger 300 and Challenger 604 business aircraft.Owners of Jet card can pick from different price levels for every jet based on a predetermined number of travel days each year – ranging from 365-day availability to a 355-day, 325-day or 275-day travel calendar. Extra hours are also available for procurement.
  • Flexjet charter card – The Flexjet Charter card provides access to more than 50 various models of aircraft from turboprops to long-range aircraft, operated by a system of highly capable, Flexjet-approved U.S. air carriers under Part 135. The program works based on a debit model, which allows customers to make a deposit and use the money to travel on an aircraft that they want. The charter card provides regular hourly rates minus the commitment, up-front acquisition capital costs or management fees and assures 365-day accessibility with advance reservation and without blackout dates.
  • Flexjet on-demand charter brokerage services –On-demand charter brokerage services allows customers of Flexjet pay-as-they-go use with similar aircraft and network of U.S. air carriers operating those aircraft under Part 135 used by the Flexjet charter card.

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