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Wet-Lease vs Dry-Lease Private Charter - Charter Flight Group

Wet-Lease vs Dry-Lease Private Charter


September 21, 2021

Jordan Brown

With the consistent growth in the aviation industry, airlines are under constant pressure to grow. Due to that, the demand for leases has grown significantly in the past few decades.

An aircraft lease is a lease used by aircraft operators and airlines. Typically, airlines do this for two reasons: to get a temporary increase in flying capacity to meet demand and eliminate the financial burden of purchasing aircraft.

In the aviation world, there are two types of leasing; dry-lease and wet-lease. Simply put, a dry-lease private jet is used for a longer-term while a wet-lease private jet is for short-term use. Both types also have different operational privileges and crew availability.

Below, we discuss both types of leasing and do a wet-lease vs. dry-lease comparison to help you see the difference between the two.

What Is Wet-Lease?

A wet-lease arrangement lasts from 1 to 24 months, in which an airline gives aircraft, including maintenance and crew, to another airline. The aviation industry mainly uses wet-lease to start new routes or meet demand during high-traffic seasons.

In some cases, this approach lands airlines in trouble with passengers since they may feel deceived since they have originally booked a flight for a specific airline.

However, there are many advantages of a wet-lease to an airline.

Benefits of a wet-lease

Since the lessee gets everything from the aircraft to the crew, there is not much to worry about. Plus, it makes operations faster.

In most cases, flights can start immediately. Thus, wet-lease is ideal for last-minute flying plans. For instance, if you need to attend a business meeting or conference where the specifics were communicated at the very last minute, a wet-lease private jet is a suitable choice.

As for airlines, wet-lease is less capital-intensive as compared to purchasing aircraft. As a result, the cash flows freely rather than tied up in an aircraft that was only bought to meet the rush months’ air traffic.

What Is Dry-Lease?

In a dry-lease, the aircraft comes without a ground staff and crew. It is the right option for people who are not comfortable with the idea of paying upfront costs. In this lease, the lessee and the lessor do not need to have an air carrier certification.

Benefits of a dry-lease

A dry lease allows airlines to try any aircraft before they decide to purchase it. Also, the lessee does not have to worry about buying a new aircraft every time their requirement changes or the depreciation rate since they can change the leased aircraft frequently.

More importantly, having your own crew on board allows you to be more comfortable, especially if you want to enjoy a certain level of hospitality and staff behavior.

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Wet-Lease vs Dry-Lease

The significant distinction between wet-lease and dry-lease is operational control, as explained by the 14 CFR 110.2.

The control lies with the lessor in a wet lease private jet since they provide both the crew and the aircraft. On the other hand, the control lies with the lessee in a dry-lease since they have to bring their own crew and staff, only getting the aircraft in the agreement.

In the dry lease private jet, the lessee can operate under Part 91 of the CFR and is not required to comply with the costly and restrictive requirements discussed in Part 135 and Part 121.

Whether you’re operating an airline or want to fly privately, it is crucial to understand the wet-lease vs dry-lease comparison since each situation comes with specific requirements and regulatory obligations.

Any party that fails to comply with the guidelines and legal requirements can end up causing trouble for all parties involved.

Why Get A Private Jet?

There is no denying that private jets are a world of their own – and that too a classy one.

Traveling in a private jet means you do not have to arrive at the airport three hours before time or stand in extended security and screening lines before boarding.

Even better, you can choose the private jet you want to fly in, which you can not possibly do if you book a flight with a regular airline.

Your choice comes down to your purpose of traveling and the sort of amenities you need. In fact, you can choose the exact make and model of the aircraft you want to fly in.

A wet-lease private jet comes with staff and crew, saving you the hassle of getting your team on board. If you have to be in a different city or state in a few hours, simply book an aircraft of your choice, and you’ll be on the tarmac in no time.

At Charter Flight Group, we give you access to 6,000+ turboprops, executive jets, and airlines, ensuring there’s someone for everyone’s taste and needs.

For instance, if you are flying to a meeting, get an aircraft with a work area or a conference room. But, if you are traveling with family to a vacation spot on the private jet, choose a model with an entertainment lounge. Your options are limitless.

From an international standpoint, private jet rentals have increased in the past few years. A report providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of the industry showed many growth opportunities in the private jet leasing industry between 2021 and 2028.

Europe generates the highest revenue in the jet rental industry due to the continent’s high living standard and disposable income. Moreover, an increase in air traffic, technological advancements, and new aircraft development are expected to influence the private jet rental industry positively.

So, why not jump on board when the rest of the world seems to be doing the same? Here are some reasons you may want to get a wet lease private jet:

Family vacations

School summer vacations are the perfect time to chill a little with the family and recharge yourself for another six months of work. The availability of some stunning vacation spots for private jets makes this prospect even more appealing.

With the readily trained crew doing everything around the aircraft, you will have ample quality time to spend with your children, especially if you choose an aircraft with an entertainment lounge.

Flexible scheduling

If you cannot afford to miss a flight or be late, it is best to hop on a private jet. With convenient scheduling and boarding as quickly as under three hours, you will never have to compromise on your travel plans.

Even better, Charter Flight Group also caters to your last-minute rescheduling. That is the beauty of having a renowned and responsible company at your service – your itinerary can be rearranged to meet your schedule.

More importantly, Charter Flight Group works around the clock. Whether you need to be in the air as early as five in the morning or late at night, there will be an aircraft for you.

On the other hand, with regular airlines, you will have to follow their schedule, which of course, can limit your travel plans.

Top-notch amenities

Even in business class, regular airlines can only do so much for you. Meanwhile, a private jet introduces you to the world that is quite similar to what you would expect to see in a seven-star hotel on the ground.

With amenities like spas, entertainment systems, workstations, and kitchens, private jets today can accommodate you for everything from a shuteye to a business meeting.

What To Look For When Getting a Private Jet Lease?

If you plan on getting a private jet for traveling with family or for business, make sure to consider the following:

  • Safety: When choosing the charter company, make sure you opt for one that’s determined to provide the highest level of safety. It’s best to choose a company with ARTUS safety-rated aircraft since they let you fly with ultimate peace of mind and a matchless experience that you can not have elsewhere.
  • Experienced Pilots: If a company explicitly claims their pilots are the best in the field, that’s a good reason to choose them. Aircraft pilots should be professionally trained and must know everything there is to know about the jet. Don’t hesitate to ask for licensing and training information when choosing a company.
  • Multiple Programs: Whether you want dry-lease or wet-lease, it’s best to choose a flight program that suits your traveling habits. For instance, if you tend to travel frequently between the same region for work, a Fixed Route Program will be ideal for you. Likewise, if you travel to different areas multiple times during a year, you might want to get a membership to receive a flat rate on your air travel.

Providing On-Demand Aircraft Charter For 30 Years

At Charter Flight Group, we cater to clients with versatile flying needs. Whether you need a dry-lease private jet for business trips or a wet-lease for a vacation, we have got you covered.

We give you complete liberty of traveling to over 6000 airports around the globe.

If you’re planning to travel somewhere privately, book with us to enjoy a smooth and safe flight.

    We offer flights across the United States and more. Fill in your information to talk to a rep today.

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