What are the Different Types of Private Jets?

Types of Private Jets


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Types of Private Jets

When you choose to reserve a flight with Charter Flight Group, you have the opportunity to choose the exact make and model of aircraft you would like to take to the skies. We offer a fleet of more than 6,000 aircraft that fall into several private jet types.

While it is great to have choices, it might be tricky narrowing down your options, given the wide range of private jet aircraft types available. After all, there are a lot of aspects to consider. Do you want a jet that can accommodate a specific number of travelers? Or are you looking for an aircraft that can fly you across the country? Is having a flight crew important to you, or would you prefer a more private option?

To make the selection process easier for you, we have outlined five types of private jets to help you get a better understanding of how they each compare to one another. We go into detail about each category and provide examples of each private jet type.

Very Light Jets

Very light private jet charters refer to the smallest–and lightest–jets available. This category is beneficial because it can cruise at high speeds and land on short runways. However, their compact size often means they have less room in the cabin, and in some cases, fewer amenities. They can usually seat up to four to six passengers, but there is not enough room to accommodate a flight crew. Also, depending on the exact model, there may or may not be room for a lavatory on board. With that said, very light jets are often the most cost-efficient choice for travelers. Examples of this type of private jet include the Cirrus Vision SF50, Citation I/SP, and the Eclipse 500/550.

Light Jets

The next category up, based on size, is the light jet. With its increased size comes room for more passengers. You can often comfortably fly up to eight passengers, with enough space for a lavatory, too. A roomier cabin means there is more space for advanced jet amenities, such as reclining seats, but there is still not enough room to accommodate a flight crew. This aircraft can travel further than the very light jets, which are often reserved for short, city-to-city flights. The Hawker Beechcraft Premier I/II, Learjet 31/31A/31ER, and Citation SII are just a few examples of aircraft that fall within this private jet type.

Midsize Jets

The midsize aircraft is another step up in terms of aircraft size. This type of private jet provides an even wider range, as it’s equipped for transcontinental journeys of usually up to around five hours in duration. It is a more spacious aircraft, often seating up to 10 to 11 passengers with enough space for a flight crew, too. These roomier aircraft provide more luggage space, and most models include stand-up cabins, too. Once you hit this tier, you can expect these jets to be much quieter than their smaller counterparts as they have more advanced electronic systems onboard. Some popular midsize jets include the Embraer Legacy 450, Gulfstream G150, and Hawker 800A.

Super Mid Jets

Super midsize jets are celebrated for their speed, range, and spacious cabins. Again, they are a step up in size from the previous jet category. Obviously, the bigger cabin provides more comfort for passengers, as it can seat anywhere from 8 to 10 travelers and has plenty of luggage space. More room also allows for more in-flight amenities. These jets are also prime options for longer flights, as they have a nonstop travel range of just under 4,000 miles. The Citation Sovereign, Challenger 300/350, and Falcon 50/50EX fall within the super midsize private jet type.

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are some of the largest and most elite aircraft available in the fleet. Considered top of the line, these jets are popular for their spacious and advanced in-flight features, from business areas to fully reclinable seats. Some heavy jets can accommodate up to 18 passengers with additional room for a flight crew. Their increased size allows them to comfortably travel over 6,000 miles at a time, which is the equivalent of a five- to eight-hour journey. Examples of heavy jets include the Challenger 890, Gulfstream G500, and Falcon 200, among others.

Ready to explore the private jet types for yourself? At Charter Flight Group, you will find various models and types that fall within each jet category, making it easy to compare and contrast each individual jet. No matter which aircraft you choose, you can rest assured you will have a flight experience customized to suit all your travel needs. Browse the fleet today and book your pedigree private jet with Charter Flight Group and be wheels up within just a few hours.