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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Charter Flight


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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Charter Flight

English: A TSA officer screens a piece of luggage.
English: A TSA officer screens a piece of luggage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top 10 lists abound, so here at Charter Flight Group, we thought we’d get in on the action.  With so many choices in air travel today, some may wonder why they should choose charter flight over more traditional means.  So here we present the top 10 reasons to choose charter flight.

  1. No schedule restrictions: When you choose traditional airlines, you must fly according to their time frame.  Charter Flight provides you with the flexibility to choose when YOU want to travel.
  2. No long waits in security: Security checks have always been a hassle, but starting in 2001, they became even more of a problem for many travelers.  With the recent budget cuts affecting TSA, lines are longer than ever and the time spent in security can be very pricy for many, if taken according to hourly pay rates.
  3. No crowded airport terminals: When you fly commercial, you must check in at the ticket counter, again at baggage claims, and yet again at security–all this amid enormous crowds of people all in a hurry.  With charter flight, you simply go to your plane.
  4. No baggage handling: Speaking of baggage, with traditional commerical airlines, baggage is always an issue.  Deciding whether to stow a bag or take minimal carryon luggage is always a problem, then you have to let some stranger rifle though your personal belongings, sometimes with embarrasing results.  And then you must hope your bags do not get lost.  None of that is an issue with charter flight.
  5. No unnecessary layovers:  The commercial airlines are constantly held up for one reason or another.  There may be several flights circling for landing while others are behind schedule for takeoff. Not so with charter flights.  Most charter flights take off from different runways or you can choose to fly out of a less busy airport.
  6. No Worries or Hassles:  One of the most stressing things a person can do today is deal with airlines, security, and crowds. With charter flight, you simply head to your private plane and get ready for takeoff.  Relaxation…one of the big perks to charter flight.
  7. The Aircraft of Your choice:  When you choose charter flight, you can choose what kind of aircraft to take.  If you want something fast, choose a Lear or Cessna.  If you want plenty of room for the kids to play, choose something larger.  The choice is yours.  Sure, you may pay more, but what you get in return for comfort is well worth it.
  8. Trip customized: When you travel commercially, you are at the mercy of schedules.  Charter flight by contrast allows you the freedom to change your mind at the last minute.  Prefer to head to the Bahamas instead of the Keys, no problem.  Want to make an “unscheduled” stop to surprise your mother, go ahead.  It’s your plane.

    English: TSA Passenger Screening
    English: TSA Passenger Screening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  9. Privacy/discretion: Naturally, there is zero privacy on a commercial flight, but with charter flight, you can have all the privacy to do what you want.  And charter crews are discrete so if you value your privacy, you can relax knowing that what happens in charter flight stays in charter flight…kind of like Vegas.
  10. Safety: Perhaps the biggest reason for choosing charter flight over any other form of air transportation is the safety record.  On a par, charter flight is far safer than any other form of air transport, largely because most charter companies comply with FAR Part 135 regulations to the letter.

We could recount many more reasons for choosing charter flight, but this should be enough to make the issue perfectly clear.  Unless you simply cannot afford anything other than coach with an airline, you should entertain the idea of chartering an aircraft for your next business trip or vacation.  The slight difference in rates are more than made up with the advantages in charter flight.

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