The Role of the National Business Aviation Association

The Role of the National Business Aviation Association


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The Role of the National Business Aviation Association

The National Business Aviation Association began in a small group at the Wings Club in Biltmore, New York, in the spring of 1946 when a meeting was held informally. The purpose is the urgent need to promote and protect the interest of business aircraft operators aware of the alarming fact that business flying was only the segment of the air operations industry that was not yet organized.The airlines had the Air Transport Association (ATA),the pilots had the Pilots Association (ALPA), and independent freightlines and lightplane flyers well served by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

The meeting on May 17, 1946was attended by a group of 13 persons who aimed to look at the air transportation environment from their own point of view having witnessed its pros and cons in the post-World War II days. Mr. Palmer J. (Bud) Lathrop then Vice President of Bristol Meyers and later president of Cameron Marketing Company,equipped with the knowledge of air transportation operations in the Army of Air Corps during World War II, was the Chief Spokesman. The meeting resultedin a positive outlook to everyone. Determined to move forward, Lathrop invited sixteen companies for another meeting on Nov. 21, 1946, which led to an impressive conclusion of launching the Corporation Aircraft Owners Association (CAOA) later to be renamed the National Business Aircraft Association.

In the early years of drastic change, the NBAA consistently adhere to its purpose of representing and protecting the aviation interests of its members.It made a major role in the growth and success of the business aviation industry as it acquired a strong, internationally recognized force.

With its mission to foster an environment that allows aviation in the United States and around the world the NBAA established the following:

Board of Directors

Composed of 18 members experienced, talented and committed to manage, guide and assist the staff in serving NBAA members and the business community.

Standing Committees

Members are committed, talented and knowledgeable; working together to promote business aviation access, operational excellence, professional development, safety and technical standards and security.

Strategic Focus Teams

The Team to boost the efficiency andimpact of NBAA’s Standing Committees while preserving clear communication with the Board of Directors.

Senior Executives

Members to provide leadership for the association’s business Communications, Conventions, Seminars, Forums, Government Affairs, Membership Marketing and Operations and Administration.

NBAA not only focuses on the operational phase of the business but also involve in charity works raising funds to support a number of philanthropic organizations and initiatives that use general aviation airplanes for humanitarian purposes, which include the following:

  • Corporate  Angel Network whose sole mission is to provide empty seats on private charter aircraft to cancer patients easing their emotional stress, physical discomforts, and financial burdens.
  • Air Charity Network that provides access for people in need for free air transportation specializing health care facilities or distant destinations due to family, community or national crisis.
  • Veterans Airlift Command that provides free air transportation to wounded combat military men and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes from volunteer pilots owning private charter aircraft.

With this laudable of exemplary business performance and service, the NBAA garnered 13 awards recognizing their important achievements to the community.