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The Role of Flight Safety Foundation


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The Role of Flight Safety Foundation

Flight Safety Foundation is a non-profit and independent international organization that is involved in research, education, advocacy and publishing in the subject of air safety.Flight Safety Foundation gathers together aviation experts and authorities from all segments to help solve safety problems of the aviation and aerospace industry

Flight Safety Foundation promotes a global aviation safety community wherein great ideas, cooperation and support flow freely among all its members. The aim of the Foundation is to build all knowledge and provide fair, objective and expert safety guidance that can prevent accidents and save people’s lives anytime and anywhere.  It disseminates safety information and identifies threats to safety and recommends practical solutions.

Further, the Foundation’s stated objectives are to: (1) ”pursue the active involvement and participation of the diverse elements of global professional aviation” ; (2) “anticipate, identify and analyze global aviation safety issues and set priorities” ; (3) “Communicate effectively about aviation safety” ; (4) “Be a catalyst for action and the adoption of best aviation safety practices”.

Since it was founded in 1947, Flight Safety Foundation has helped save many people’s lives around the world.

The membership has spread throughout the world which brings an international perspective to aviation issues for its members, the media, and the traveling public. Membership is extensive that includes individuals to airlines to manufacturers, from labor to management, in every corner of the industry. Several private jet charter companies are even part of this widespread membership. Today, the Foundation runs leadership to more than 1,000 members consisting both organizations and individuals in150 countries throughout the world. The greater the Foundation’s membership, the greater is its influence as governments and politicians listen when the Foundation speaks on issues that concern safety.

The Foundation is based in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S., and it has a regional office in Melbourne, Australia.  

Flight Safety Foundation is an advocate of better practices among the corporate and charter operators. Certainly, they provide you the highest levels of safety in your journey. 

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