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The Importance of Security Checkpoints


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The Importance of Security Checkpoints

Airport security refers to the techniques and methods used in protecting passengers, staff, and planes, which use the airports from accidental/malicious harm, crime and other threats.

Large numbers of people pass through airports every day. This presents potential targets for terrorism and forms of crime because of the number of people located in a particular location. Similarly, the high concentration of people on large airliners, the potential high death rate with attacks on aircraft, and the ability to use a hijacked air-plane as a lethal weapon may provide an alluring target for terrorism, whether or not they succeed due their high profile nature following the various attacks and attempts around the globe in recent years.

Airport security attempts to prevent any threat on potentially dangerous situations from arising or entering the country.If airport security does succeed in this, then the chances of any dangerous situations, illegal items or threats entering the aircraft, country or airport are greatly reduced. As such, airport security serves several purposes: To protect the airport and country from any threatening event, to reassure the travelling public that they are safe and to protect the country and their people.

Private aircraft charters are convenient and allow charter travel to thousands of airports around the world that are not served by commercial airlines. However, not all companies that arrange private flights are created equal. It is crucial to be well-informed about the private charter flight you choose and the dedication of the aircraft charter company to aviation safety. Charter Flight Group is committed to providing the safest private flight charters for every client. To meet their strict safety goals, Charter Flight Group obtains ARG/US, and WYVERN safety reports on every private flight they book. They require their every private aircraft charter partners to be fully compliant with Part 135 of Title 14 of the Freedom Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations (or the EU-OPS and EASA equivalents in Europe). The ARG/US audit criterion includes:

1. The experience of the pilot and co-pilot in the specific aircraft.
2. Certification and type ratings of the flight crew.
3. Record of accidents, incidents or violations of the flight crew.
4. Safety and incident record of the private charter aircraft
5. Verification of insurance coverage on the aircraft.
6. Safety rating of the private aircraft charter operation.

The Federation of Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates and controls the operation of all aviation in the United States whether it is commercial, private and chartered. Before an aircraft or private aircraft charter is permitted to fly the general public as passengers, they must undergo a lengthy investigation and certification process. Charter Flight Group mandates that all aircraft and private charter flight operators meet these regulations and maintain up-to-date certification.

With more than 30 years in the industry, Charter Flight Group is dedicated to supplying clients with professionally maintained private charter aircraft and the finest, most highly trained flight crews. To augment the safety of their private aircraft charters, it utilises some of the best third-party safety and auditing agencies in the aviation industry. The maintenance of the safety requirements consistently elevates the Charter Flight Group above their competitors.