The History of Aviation Aviation is the act of transporting people and goods throughout the world. It is a part of the aeronautics that focuses on the design, development, operation, production, and the use of the aircraft. The term aviation... READ MORE

Fuel – Major Headache for Airline Profits

  There are several reasons why most of the major airlines filed bankruptcy during the past ten years. But the biggest reason wasn’t the recession at the [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"] English: Chart of jet fuel prices for major US airlines. (Photo... READ MORE

Aviation Emissions Deal Reached

  The International Civil Aviation Organization, the United Nations body in charge of civil aviation, has reached an agreement in their triennial meeting regarding a market-based system to curb carbon emissions from airlines by 2020. This agreement was hammered out during two days... READ MORE

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Charter Flight

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="250"] English: A TSA officer screens a piece of luggage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] Top 10 lists abound, so here at Charter Flight Group, we thought we'd get in on the action.  With so many choices in air... READ MORE

Aviation Jargon: 45 Terms Aviation Enthusiasts ...

I love jets. I love turboprop planes. I love gliders. I love rockets. I love air shows and I love taking a private charter flight over the mountains just for sight-seeing. In short, if it involves aircraft, I love it.... READ MORE