Private Aircraft

Top 5 Most Expensive Private Aircraft in the World In today’s globalized economy, it’s crucial for businessmen to get around in a fast, reliable and safe manner. Obviously, the only option for fast travel these days is by aircraft, but... READ MORE

Avantair Chaos: Will the Company Survive?

  If you caught the latest news of this past week with Avantiar, the fractional aircraft ownership company from Clearwater, Florida, you may be wondering if the company will survive.  Indeed, Avantair has been struggling since the June 26 grounding by the SEC and even... READ MORE

The Avantair Advantage: No Longer Advantageous?

  Last month I wrote about the fractional ownership aircraft company Avantair's legal problems with the SEC.  The company's exclusive fleet of Piaggio P-180 Avanti turboprops had been officially grounded by the SEC pending the outcome of numerous lawsuits brought against the company.  On July 11,... READ MORE

Jets Flying Faster Than the Speed of Sound

Throughout history, exceptional people have sought to break with conventional barriers. Prior to May 6, 1954, conventional wisdom said that a human could not run a mile in less than four minutes—Roger Bannister proved on that day the fallacy of this... READ MORE

Aviation Jargon: 45 Terms Aviation Enthusiasts ...

I love jets. I love turboprop planes. I love gliders. I love rockets. I love air shows and I love taking a private charter flight over the mountains just for sight-seeing. In short, if it involves aircraft, I love it.... READ MORE

50 Most Influential Planes of All Time – Part One

  As we continue to consider the history of air flight, especially as it relates to where we are today, it’s useful to consider all the fine aircraft, propeller, turboprop, and jets both large and small which have led the world... READ MORE