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Snowbirds: Flying South for the Winter - Charter Flight Group

Snowbirds: Flying South for the Winter


September 26, 2022

Jordan Brown

People living in the Northern United States and Canada love to travel south in search of warmer weather. Historically, the US Sunshine Belt, Florida, Hawaii, and the Caribbean have attracted flocks of individuals and retirees who love sun-drenched beaches. However, it’s not all about getting tanned because people visit these places to enjoy longer days and get away from morbid wintery weather.

What Is a Snowbird?

In travel terms, people traveling to warmer areas, often in the winter, are known as snowbirds. The name, snowbird, is derived from bird species such as junco and fieldfare, which cover long distances to warmer climates in the winter. Therefore, don’t be surprised if someone calls you a snowbird if you plan a winter trip when you’re flying south to get away from the cold.

The snowbird phenomenon is more common than most of us may think. For instance, recent research by NY Post indicated that a whopping 91% of Americans want to fly south because they feel depressed by the gloomy winter weather. This is also true for Canadians who are known to actively participate in social groups related to snowbird travel.

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The Demographic Shift

In the early days of the snowbirding phenomenon, it was mainly the retirees that regularly were flying south for the winter. Travel agents and real estate brokers loved them because their clients were keen to find second homes and stay longer at a particular destination. Many people stayed at one place for months and used the place to explore nearby areas.

While retirees and mature travelers still constitute the majority of snowbirds, millennials are quickly catching on. Families and people as young as 35 are finding it irresistible to join their older counterparts. It seems that everyone wants to live an active outdoorsy lifestyle and become a snowbird.

What Are Snowbird Flights?

Snowbird flights are regular scheduled flights or charter flights to sunny destinations often during the winter months.

Where Is the Sun Belt?

Sunbelt destinations in the South are known to provide year-round activities to tourists. These include Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and California. The southern parts of Nevada, North Carolina, and Mississippi also fall in the Sun Belt.

Vibrant southern cities such as Tampa, Miami, Orlando, St Petersburg, San Diego, Miami, Phoenix, and New Orleans attract snowbirds throughout the year. A lot of snowbirds fly to these places for the winter months. However, not every snowbird destination attracts tourists as some are known for their laid-back lifestyle.

In recent years, Sun Belt cities are places that have also started attracting families, retirees, and younger individuals who want to buy a second home or settle permanently often for the winter. Many snowbirds travel south so they can get a better idea of the local real estate and lifestyle.

Overall, the trend of moving from North to South is not limited to leisure activities only. As snowbirds find it easier to move long distances and work remotely, they are likely to contemplate staying in places longer.

Private Jet Flights for Snowbirds

There has been a documented increase in the use of private jets for leisure activities and hybrid travel. People who can afford private jets are finding it a more convenient and safe mode of transportation.

If you’re flying south during winter, it’s time to consider a private flight journey to the sun-kissed destinations. Flying on a private jet makes it more convenient because there are no flight schedules or cancellations to worry about. It is also convenient because snowbirds can fly to smaller airports tucked away near sandy beaches and mountain hideouts.

Sunny Destinations for Snowbirds Using Private Jets

Here are examples of smaller airports that anyone can use as a base to explore nearby areas of interest and a future homesite. You can access the smallest of airports and remote areas using prop planes and small jets.

  • Prescott Municipal Airport, Arizona: Located eight miles from Prescott, the airport offers quick access to golfing, eateries, and art galleries.
  • Mammoth Yosemite Airport, California: Seven miles east of Mammoth Lakes, it is a perfect landing space for a journey to Yosemite and surrounding areas.
  • Santa Maria Public Airport, California: Situated near the California coast in the middle of wine country, the airport allows travelers to enjoy everything that the State has to offer.
  • Vero Beach, Florida: It is a perfect retreat to explore Florida. Situated at equal distance from Miami, Orlando and the West Coast beaches, the small town is also well-known for its citrus industry.
  • Macon, Georgia: The heart of Georgia provides easy access to almost every major city across the Southeastern Sunbelt.

Why Does It Make Sense to Charter a Private Airplane?

If you want to fly south this winter with family and friends, you should charter a private jet. Private companies such as Charter Flight Group offer access to more than 6000 turboprops, executive jets, and airlines within just three hours’ notice. You can even select the exact make and model for each flight for your winter getaway.

They do not use a piston engine aircraft and every pilot knows its aircraft. Regular snowbirds can also get a discount rate by using the Jet Card. The membership offers fixed rates, free upgrades, a catering allowance, and much more. You can fly anywhere in the world whenever you want.

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