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Silver Linings of Travelling Alone


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Silver Linings of Travelling Alone

Planned a vacation for months with your best friend then suddenly she backs out, and you are left with the option of travelling alone? If you’ve got your OOTDs ready for the whole trip and booked your ticket, travelling alone may seem a scary idea, but you can turn this into a silver lining situation.

Here are reasons why travelling alone can do you good:

1.  Gives your confidence a boost.

Sure, travelling with a companion could be more fun because you have someone to share your amazing experiences with. Even sticky situations could become funny because you’ve got someone to laugh it off.

However, travelling alone could be a good way to make you feel more confident about yourself. You get to navigate the unfamiliar place by yourself; you learn to ask directions from other people and maybe learn a bit of their language. Travelling is not without obstacles as you go your way, but overcoming each one will make you more confident to face the next.

And, when you get home, you could say to your friends and families that yes you made it alone.

2.    Gives you time to explore yourself.

When you are not put into situations that test your abilities, you will not be able to determine how far you can really go.

Travelling alone is one way of testing and challenging yourself. It puts you into situations you may not have encountered before and to your surprise, you are able to overcome them alone. And when you know you can do it the more you won’t be afraid of what’s to come.

3.  You have the choice to spend less or spend more.

One of the most annoying things when travelling with other people is the limitations that come with your travel companion’s budget or the envy when she gets to spend more on something fab and you can’t. But, when you travel alone you could choose feast on street foods or to dine in a fast food or in a five-star restaurant, whatever suits your budget.

4.    Gives you the see the experience based on your own perspective.

No matter how alike you are with your best friends in many things, there will always be things you will disagree on, and this could be a disadvantage when travelling with someone.

Travelling alone means the only feelings and preferences to consider is yours. When you travel alone, you see the place based on your perspective; your attention is undivided, and you are more engaged in facing new experiences. Whereas when you travel with someone, you have to consider her feelings when making decisions. Not to mention that her opinion on the place could taint yours.

5.   Gives you the freedom to be spontaneous.

You wake up whenever you want, rest whenever you’re tired, eat wherever you choose and go wherever you feel like going. When you travel alone, you get to create a journey that reflects you even to the smallest details. Isn’t that amazing?

Rent a private jet, stay in a modernised villa with its own Jacuzzi may be less expensive when you have someone to split the costs with. But, a solo trip lets you experience things you would not be able to do when you’re within a group.

And this list could go and on. See? Travelling alone is not as bad as you think.

Travelling alone or with a group, make your travel experience the best one so far. Rent a private jet to take you to places you want to go. Charter Flight Group offers excellent private jet rental services.