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Should I Buy a Private Jet?


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Should I Buy a Private Jet?

When you charter private jets on a regular basis, you may start to wonder whether or not you should just buy one yourself. It seems like it might be more convenient, and that it would save you money in the long run. Although it seems this way, this often isn’t the case. Buying a private jet is a decision that should be carefully considered, and there are a lot of factors that people forget to take into account. Today in the Charter Flight Group blog, we’ll explain why chartering flights is generally a better idea than buying one yourself.

Long Term Trips

When you charter a private jet to a location, they’ll drop you off, and you’ll go on to enjoy your vacation of business trip. When you buy a private jet, you’ll need to rent a hangar for your jet to stay for the duration of the trip. You’ll also have to put the crew up somewhere as they wait for the departure flight. If this was just for a day or two, it wouldn’t be so bad, but if your trip goes for a few days, a week, or longer those costs can add up quickly. These are costs you don’t have to concern yourself with when you charter a flight.

Different Needs

If you’re just flying yourself, your family, or a small group of friends every time, buying a private jet might be a decent solution. However, flight needs often change depending on the trip. If you need a customized flight that can carry a larger number of people than usual, then you’ll end up having to charter a flight anyway. Chartering your private flights allows you to fully customize each of your trips and ensure that your jet perfectly meets the needs of your trip.

Also, businesses often need to fly people out of several different locations on the same day. If you need to people out of multiple cities, the private jet you own will only be able to take care of one of your trips. You’ll need to charter all of the other flights.

Flying with Charter Flight Group

You can take the stress out of flying by chartering your flights with Charter Flight Group. Buying your own jet can end up being an extra stressor, and overall very costly. When you choose Charter Flight Group, we can fully customize your flight, make sure you and your passengers are comfortable and happy, and get you to your destination stress-free. With over 30 years of experience, we guarantee every flight you take with us will not disappoint. Contact us today for more information and to book your next trip with us.