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Rolls-Royce Trent Powers Commercial and Private Jets


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Rolls-Royce Trent Powers Commercial and Private Jets

Roll-Royce Trent is a type of three spool and high bypass turbofan aircraft engines that is manufactured by Rolls-Royce. They are all improvements of the RB211 with power grade of 53,000 to 95,000 pounds-force (240 to 420kN). The Trent has also beenconverted and customized for marine and industrial use and purposes.

The Trent has attained significant commercial victory when it has been chosen as the launch engine for both 787 variations (Trent 1000), which are the A380 (Trent 900) and the A350 (Trent XWB). Its total share in the market is approximately 40% in which it competes. Deals on the Trent line of engines have made Rolls-Royce the second major supplier of large civil turbofans following General Electric, placing the competitor Pratt and Whitney in the third position.

In April 1987, Rolls-Royce was privatized, and its share in the market was only 8%. General Electric and Pratt & Whitney were leading in the market. During that time, new planes that require unparalleled levels of power were aimed by the aircraft manufacturers.  Moreover, the Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 were to be with two engines and their airline clients were demanding that they should be capable of operating in the Extended-range-Twin-engine Operations (ETOPS) environment at the time of their first introduction into service.

Rolls-Royce resolved that to prosper in the forthcoming huge engine market, it should be able to offer engines for every big public airliner. Taking into consideration the huge development costs needed to introduce a new engine to market, the only way to do this would be to have a line of engines based on a common foundation. The three-shaft design of the RB211 was a model core for the new line as it delivered flexibility, letting the high-pressure (HP), intermediate pressure (IP) and low-pressure (LP) systems to be separately gauged. Rolls-Royce decided to introduce a new line of engines that was officially declared at the Farnborough Airshow in 1988.  The new engine was named the Trent, a revived name that was used 30 years ago.

The first large commercial jet that first flew on October 2, 1966 was powered by two 11,400 pounds-force Rolls-Royce Spey turbofans. Rolls-Royce also powers private jets that are used in the various private jet charters.

Operators of private jet chartersown or manage private jets for various clients. Private jet charters manage all sides of aircraft operation and maintenance.  Various kinds of jets are available in the private jet charters such as:  light jets, which provide access to small airports and with a speed that makes it to be an efficient air travel tool; mid-size jets that are appropriate for longer-range travel with bigger passenger capacity requirements; super mid-size jets that have wide cabin space and have high-altitude capability; and the large jets, which can carry a maximum of 19 passengers.

Private jet charters provide an answer to your leisure needs, allowing you and your family and friends to travel in pleasure, comfort, and privacy.