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Rent a Private Jet to See the Grand Canyon in Arizona


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Rent a Private Jet to See the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Gigantic, glorious and without a doubt, stunning, the Grand Canyon can be easily considered as the most distinct landmark of Arizona – and a natural spectacle one must see. Spanning 277 miles, sheer and stony walls drop over a mile to the floor of the canyon, where the harsh Colorado River traces a rapid course going southwest.

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s greatest on-going geological wonders. Its immensity is magnificent, and the proof it shows about the history of the earth is vital. The gorge is 1.5 kilometers deep and has a width of 500 meters to 30 kilometers. It spirals and turns for 445 kilometers and was created for 6 million years of geologic activity and erosion by the Colorado River on the upraised crust of the earth. The mesas, buttes, temples, and spires present in the canyon are mountains that are looking down from the rims. A horizontal stratum visible inside the canyon traces back geological history more than 2 billion years and embodies four major geological periods.

You can go to the Grand Canyon National Park through the main entrances on the South Rim and North Rim. In the western edge of the Grand Canyon are the stunning Havasupai Falls and Supai town, which can be reached through roads on the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

When to Visit Grand Canyon

It’s ideal to visit the Grand Canyon in the months of March to May and September to November for temperatures during the day starts to cool, and the crowds start to thin out. If you are planning to visit the canyon during summer, which is the peak season for the park, just be ready for crowds of visitors and extremely limited availability of accommodation. There are good hotel deals during the winter; however, the park including the whole North Rim will be closed after the initial snowfall.

Getting Around Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon can be reached by shuttle bus. These buses are operated by the National Park Service; these buses can take you on the South Rim free of charge. If you are going to the North Rim, a car is the most appropriate choice; however, be sure to check the park’s official website for a list of closed roads. Going to the place can be a bit tricky. Amtrak trains, tour buses, and car rentals are all available from both Phoenix and Las Vegas. But if you want to land near the canyon, why not rent a private jet to Pulliam Airport in Arizona, which is roughly 80 miles south of the South Rim? There are also car rentals, trains, and buses available in this place.

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