7 Reasons Private Jet Charters are Safer Than Flying Commercial

7 Reasons Private Jet Charters are Safer Than Flying Commercial

Flying on a private jet charter certainly has its allure. From the convenience of reserving a flight on your watch to the flawless in-flight experience catered to all your needs, private jets take air travel to a whole new level. 

As appealing as flying private may be, some still wonder is a private jet safer than a commercial jet? While the numbers and stats may vary depending on the sources you reference, at the end of the day, flying private is extremely safe. In fact, when you consider safety standards and procedures, there are many ways in which private jets are safer than airplanes

Check out our seven reasons why reserving a charter plane service for your next trip may be even safer than you realize.

Safest Jets

At Charter Flight Group, we never cut corners when it comes to private jet safety. It is always top of mind, and that is why we require all aircraft to adhere to the most rigorous safety standards in the aviation industry. 

Every aircraft must comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 of Title 14, which requires an in-depth investigation and certification process. And we only fly with jets that are ARG/US certified and WYVERN authorized. This allows us to receive WYVERN Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) reports on every jet and crew to ensure they meet our strict safety standards.

Expert Crew

The flight crew must meet our safety expectations, too. When you fly private with us, every pilot must pass FAA requirements, as they undergo background checks and medical exams. They also must have a certain number of training hours and requirements under their belts. 

Unlike commercial pilots, who may fly a different aircraft every day, private charter pilots often operate the same jet for every journey they take. Because of this, they are familiar with their aircraft and know it inside and out, allowing them to make calm and confident decisions at all times.

Strict Safety Inspections

Another reason as to why private jets are often safer than commercial airplanes is that every aircraft receives a thorough safety inspection before takeoff. While commercial airplanes undergo safety checks, too, private charters have smaller and fewer jets to inspect, and they are not faced with hurried time constraints. 

Because of this, we can take our time ensuring your jet is in tip-top shape, while also reviewing its maintenance and incident records, insurance coverage, and crew certification and type ratings of the flight crew. If the private charter does not meet expectations, we do not allow it to leave the tarmac.

Our Favorite Private Jets to Fly On

Charter Flight Group makes it a point to only provide the best in aircraft to our valued clients. We have extensive knowledge and experience with each type of private jet we charter, so you can trust our suggestions for the best private jet to meet the needs of you and your passenger. With that being said, we certainly have some favorites that we like to recommend. Today in the Charter Flight Group blog, we’ll highlight some of our personal favorite jets to fly on.

More Airport Options

Not only do charter jets have access to the top private jet airports in the country, but they also have access to more airports than commercial jets. Because of their small size, private jets have the flexibility to land at nearly any airport. This is extremely important in case your aircraft needs to change its flight plan or make an unexpected landing.

Newer Technology

When it comes to answering the question, “Are private jets safer than airplanes?” many turn to the newer technology that is available to private jets. Charter planes are up to date on technological advancements in the industry, which provide them with more control, while commercial planes usually stick to more conventional and sometimes dated technology. 

Due to their small, compact size, jets also travel much faster than commercial airplanes. They can change their flight paths and make quicker landings. Private jets can also fly higher than commercial cruising altitudes, which lets them avoid bad weather and potential turbulence. This gives private pilots more options when making decisions based on safety.

Fewer Passengers

Some say private jets are safer than airplanes because they fly fewer passengers. Less foot traffic means less wear and tear on the aircraft. When you fly private, there may only be a handful of passengers on board, compared to the hundreds that fly on commercial airplanes one flight after the next. On top of that, when there are fewer travelers, the flight crew can pay better attention to the passengers on board, catering to their needs and ensuring all safety procedures are properly met.

Aircraft Choices

The final reason why private jets may provide a safer option is that you get to decide what kind of aircraft you would like to board. You can view our private jet comparisons list and compare aircraft based on their history, highlights, and specifications. When you fly on commercial airplanes, you do not have this choice. Simply knowing these details about your aircraft may make you feel safer.

Aside from requiring every aircraft and crew to adhere to the most stringent safety standards, flying private offers a wide range of additional perks. At Charter Flight Group, we are ready for takeoff within just a few hours of you making your reservation, and we ensure that all your needs are taken care of. Whether you need a last-minute flight for business or want to book a vacation to the coast, book your flight with Charter Flight Group and prepare for a safe and flawless journey.