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Westwind I/II


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Westwind I/II

Jet Air Charters on the Westwind I/II – History and Highlights

This spacious midsized high-performance business jet started life as Aero Commander’s 1121 Jet Commander in 1963. When Aero Commander was acquired by Rockwell which already had its own midsize business jet, the rights for the 1121 Jet Commander were sold to Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI). IAI lengthened the cabin, modified the wings and stabilizer, added more powerful engines and began production of the 1123 Westwind in 1972. More significant engine and fuel tank improvements were made in 1976 and the model was renamed 1124 Westwind and later 1124 Westwind I. A variant, the IAI Sea Scan, was used for maritime patrol by the Israeli Air Force. The final version, with a redesigned wing and added winglets, was produced after 1980 and was named 1124A Westwind II.
When you charter a flight in the Westwind through Charter Flight Group, you will have the flexibility of taking off on your own schedule and landing in thousands of domestic and international airports. Private jet charters on the Westwind provide you and your guests with access to a wider variety of destinations compared to commercial airline flights. You will enjoy hosting a business meeting in this well-appointed jet when pressed for time, or you can simply relax and enjoy the flexibility and speed of non-stop jet air charters from Washington, D.C. to Phoenix, Lisbon to Budapest, or Toronto to Sacramento.